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Very Good

While not great it's still a good Spidey game

posted by JDC2k7 (HARPER WOODS, MI) Oct 16, 2011

Member since Oct 2005

Despite some of the negative review this game is getting. "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" is a pretty good game and a game most Spider-Man fans should enjoy. The story is this Spider-Man 2099 while investigating Walter Sloan, Spidey 2099 learns Sloan is planning to travel back in time and take over the company. Soon after discovering 2099 has change Spider-Man 2099 learns that everything changes because The Amazing Spider-Man got killed off by anti-Venom.So Spider-Man 2099 links up with The Amazing Spider-Man to warn him. Leaping ahead in the battle between The Amazing Spider-Man and anti-Venom before anti-Venom could kill The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 rescues him and switches places with him. As you play ahead you discover who's the real mastermind behind everything.

Enough with the cliff notes of the story here's the review there are three main problems with this game 1. The game takes place in one place and that's Alchemax building so the nameless thugs you face will repeat and you will face the current time and 2099 versions of them. And 2 the Spider-Man 2099 float, dive and dodge random object level I didn't really them in Shattered dimensions and I really dislike them here. It's not the controls here because after you hit them it's like you get guide into another one's path. And third I wished there were more things to do even tho I enjoyed this game I wished there was more.
Gameplay: Playing with the two Spider-Men was fun expect when you have to do the ultra annoying Spider-Man 2099 float,dive and dodge level. I know some people are complaining about "Oh it's a button masher" my response to that is so? Name me a Spider-Man game that offer an overly complex fighting system? Only thing I wished they offer was block button. But what the Spider-Men can do is enter hyper sense where thugs can miss them and in Spider-Man 2099 case he can project a decoy where the thugs will attack it while you attack them. And you have Spider-sense which tell you wher

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Don't BUY!!!!!!

posted by moorekillsthanu (ALTADENA, CA) Oct 16, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

This game sucks. Spiderman shattered dimesions is way better

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Third person problems all over the place!

posted by dtigertron (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Oct 6, 2011

Member since Jun 2009

First and for most, I don't particularly care for 3rd person games. The main problem is that the camera in most of them is always stuck in a poor angle, especially during combat. On top of that, at least give me the option for inverted camera during free fall mode. I tried to change it in main menu, and it didn't effect free fall.

Spider Man: Edge of Time has many game play annoyance, but my biggest gripe is one I expect from most games in the action series, linear game play. Some games get away with it, because they break it up with fun mechanics, or at least are funny. The Spider Man series is known for comedy as much as any thing. There was no point that I even cracked a smile at the comebacks or running dialog. I understand you have a story to tell, but if I am only interested in the story, I will just buy a book.

The controls were very trying as well. There were many times that I swung to a point, and missed the mark. Then fell to the ground. I would swing to a wall, to wall crawl, then fall to ground. Then after I was on ground, I would be able to start a wall crawl.

I will await Arkham City and Saints Row for my Third Person entertainment.

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