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Spider Man 3

posted by GamerJD (FONTANA, CA) May 3, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

45 out of 62 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

This game is the bomb and I mean it. It is way better than the other games of spider-man. I mean first you got the expanded city witch is more realistic than Spider-man 2 and the way you can do all sorts of web tricks is off the hook. Oh ya and not only can you just free play instead of doing the story mode they put more stuff you can do to save the city instead of just fighting thugs who are attacking women. But the best part is the Black suit its the BOMB I mean it acutely improves your speed and strength you can jump on a tall building on one jump instead of doing a double jump with the regular Red and Blue suit. So my recommendation is rent this game or better buy it cause once you got it you wont want to give it back if your real spidey fan who always like seeing YOUR FREINDLY NEIGHBOR-HOOD SPIDER-MAN

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Delicious fruit pies

posted by Spidey33 (GREENE, RI) Jun 21, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Spider-man 3 is a good game to rent, but its nothing compared to Spider-man 2. in the first half hour of spider-man3 i thought "this game is terrible" but after spidey learned new moves it was better. the swing button is now R2 instead of R1 like in Spiderman2. there`s no spidersense slowdown time button like SM2 but now we got the stronger black suit. the graphics are terrible, when people talk their mouths don`t move, civilians don`t say anything to you when you bump into them, i`ve seen civilians walk right thru vehicles, spidey cant stick to some walls, the bad guys steal shipments of fruit pies and other annoying things.

Like fighting the Lizard, i cant figure out how to balance spidey while riding his back, can anybody help out?

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Very disappointed!!

posted by killerkiss (NEWARK, NJ) May 7, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Feb 2006

18 out of 30 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I am very disappointed at the quality of this game! I was expecting a game as good as Spiderman 2, but this game went in the opposite direction. It feels like the company spent more time on the next generation systems and just put together the leftovers for the PS2 owners.
This game could have had so much potential. Why didn't they just reuse the same graphic engine for NYC as they did in Spiderman 2? It would have made the game experience 1000 times better!

I played it for a few hours and I packed it back up and placed it into the mail box.
I'm glad I only rented this game for a few hours. Save your time and rent another game!!

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