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Spiderman 3

posted by Stifmaster (LAKEWOOD, CO) May 23, 2007

Member since May 2007

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Spiderman 3, the sequel to two previous Spiderman, movie based games.

The graphics on the game are fairly good for the XBOX 360. Detail is nice, no complaints on the graphics during gameplay. Although, during the cut scenes or movies, the graphics go back to what I could see on a playstation one console game. Just detesting in the cut scenese but its alright, since that really doesn't matter. Its all about the game right?

So anyways, Other then it being just like the other two spiderman games, with the combat, its pretty cool. The free roam, the few things here and there you can now do. It's pretty neat. Fun to play for a few hours. Like I said, same old combat, its just button mashing, but if it were any different, I'm pretty sure it would still be button mashing combo's etc....And you can't really expect much more. Somewhat confusing though, but I guess it's all feasible.

So if you are asking if you should rent, or buy this game, I'd say yes, if you liked Spiderman 1 and 2. If you're a gamefly person, possibly rent it. If the free roam stuff is fun to you, maybe you should buy it, but renting it, is the best way to go for me since it's not really a multi-player fiesta, or something you would want to go back to after you beat it too much (As in something you would buy). But if you like the game and are one of the people who go back to it and unlock everything etc....maybe you should buy it

Overall the game is pretty good. No huge complaints other then the cut scene graphics, and some odd/confusing interface things (Like a lot of times its random button combo's that pop up at you) but the game itself is pretty good. I give it a 7/10. Definitely worth the rent at least.

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Above Average

Worth it about 50% of the time

posted by johnb73 (CRANFORD, NJ) Aug 23, 2007

Member since Dec 2004

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I never played the spiderman series, so it started off with some serious fun. Alot of fun swinging through a fairly accurate manhattan, too bad they didn't have my building there! but when it got about 40, 50% done, the game would crash during missions or not. I got trapped under the world, or the game froze. About 30mins on the mission wasted! because I had to reboot and that returns you the city before you started the mission. So you play it again, only to crash again! and waste 30 more mins. Painful!

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posted by riley995 (RENO, NV) Sep 25, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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This game is a disgrace!

This games graphics are pretty good it looks nice. The combat is alright but you can get away with just button mashing to beat up guys. The story line is fun you face alot of Spidermans enemies, but in a way you kind of have to be a Spiderman fan to fully enjoy this game.

Anyone who has played Spiderman 2 knows the fullest part of the game was just swing around and jumping off buildings, right? Well i guess the creators of Spiderman 3 didn't understand that. The swinging is horrible!!! They completely butchered it! You move so incredibly slow it seems like! They made the city alot larger so you'd think they'd make you be able to swing faster but no....
Another thing is jumping is pretty bad too. They removed the jump meter so at some points you'll jump way higher than you want to.
And don't even get started on these stupid button sequences! Randomly throughout the game big buttons will pop onto the screen and they expect you to press the right button at the right time to accomplish tasks but seriously they come out of nowhere.
Oh and the camera angles sometimes will make you want to throw your controller. You'll find yourself shuffling on your couch to try and see Spiderman.

Pretty bad game defiantly don't buy it. It might be worth a rent if you REALLY like Spiderman but thats about it. Stick to Spiderman 2... :(

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