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Spider-Man 3


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GF Rating

2169 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Spider-Man 3
Left Analog Stick
Move. Steer in Direction (While Swinging).
Right Analog Stick
Manual Camera Control
X Button
Jump Out of Swing. Shoot New Web and Begin New Swing (Press R2 Button). Charge Jump (Hold).
Circle Button
Web Attack (From Distance). Grab and Grapple Attack (When Close).
L1 Button
Activate Spider-Reflexes to Dodge Incoming Attack (When Yellow or Red Danger Icon Appears)
L2 Button
Sprint (While Running). Speed Boost (While Swinging).
R1 Button
Super Attack (With Attack Button When Red Combo Meter Is Full)
R2 Button
Shoot Web and Begin Swing (Jump Before Pressing for Extra Height)
Select Button
Display City Map
Right Uppercut
Jump Hammer Smash
360 Degrees Side Tornado Kick
Kick Launcher
Air Double Fist (When in Air)
Power Punch (When in Air)
Air Axe Kick (When in Air)
Air Throwdown (When in Air)
Sprint Uppercut
Toss Up
Aerial Assault
Grab Aerial Throw
Web Rodeo