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Very Fun, But... A Little Cheesy

posted by Legolas101 (GOOSE CREEK, SC) Jun 2, 2007

Member since Aug 2003

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I have been waiting for Spider-Man 3 to become availible for a very long time(Darn all of you who kept it forever!)so I deceided to just buy it. I did, rushed home in my car acted like a dork making web noises and sticking my hands out. I popped it in and started playing. It was really fun, accept some parts didnt make sense.

Example #1:
I'm vicously fighting New Goblin, punching the blood right off his chin, doing some mad jumps,too. Then at the end you do a special movie were you have to push the right buttons at the right time. I hurt Harry really bad and Peter says,"Harry! Are you ok?! I'm gonna take you to the hospital!"
It shows Spidey again, but, wears the hospital, no were NEAR a hospital.

Example #2
Ok, this is a little more stupid. I am currently Peter going on a date with MJ. I have been affecting by The Black Suit so I get mad and yell at her. She says,"Take me home now!"
I do, and the mission is to tick her off by going the wrong way, getting her scared and so forth. We stop, we break up, mission over. So, with me being single, I look at my missions, the first one a see is to take MJ on a LOVE RIDE. WE BROKE UP! HOW CAN I TAKE HER SWINGING LOVE STYLE IF WE JUST HIT ROCK BOTTOM!!!!!

Well all the other things are superb, like the graphics, the fighting, the stuff that kept me making weird web noises in the shower, fighting the water as if Spidey were doing it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

web slinger 3:)

posted by superg (BLAIRSTOWN, NJ) Jul 21, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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ok. i may be 13 but that doesnt mean i cant play spiderman origly this was my brosgame he wanted out but since there was cursing and FAKE blood (wich mom didnt notice) it was mine now the game takes place ya know after the best game in the seires spider man 2 (well it used to be) and if you think you do all that annoying stuff like in the movie well.... you dont you acluly do alot of stuff in the game i mean like they have kingpin the scirpion (wich you acutly play as :) ) you can even go in the subway! oh the grapthics great for a 2007 game like it felt like i was waching the movie! so you should rly buy this game oh and if you want a suprize for doin stuff then buy specel version you play as harry!!!:)

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posted by jtb484 (ALLISON PARK, PA) Jun 28, 2007

Member since May 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

i was expecting alot from this spiderman game and i guess that is why my rating is kinda low. the good points of this game is free open map, good fighting sequnces, and abibilty to swing and go on any building. the mini games are also fun along with the awsom crime fighting that u can do all over the city. but the main missions are terible along with the gangs that u have to fight and the graphics r not ps3 quality at all. so i think that this game is a must rent just because how fun it is to do the races and skydives and other mini games. the other quality is the crime fighting which i wood just do that for 2 hours because u can stop gang fights, muggings, carr theft and other stuff. deffinetly rent this game for a couple days but most likely not a buy

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