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Spider-Man 2

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Also on:GC, DS, GBA, PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

550 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Spiderman 2

Directional Buttons Rotate Camera
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Web
Square Button Punch
Circle Button Kick
L Button Modifier
R Button Swing
Start Button Pause
Select Button Training/Help
Analog Stick Move Spiderman
Home Button Quit Game
Combo #1 L + X + Directional Button = Dodge
Combo #2 Analog Right + Triangle = Web Yank to the Right
Combo #3 Analog Down/Up + Triangle = Web Yank
Combo #4 Analog Left + Triangle = Web Yank to the Left
Combo #5 Analog Left/Right and Around + Triangle = Rodeo Yank Left/Right
Combo #6 L + R = Zip Line
Combo #7 L + Triangle = Web Ball
Other Combos:
Square, Square, Square, Square = Double Fist Uppercut
Square, Square, Square, Circle = Stunning Kick
Square, Square, Circle = Switch to Air
Square, Circle = Breakdance
Square = Punch
Circle = Kick
Circle, Square = Backhand
Circle, Circle, Hand = Overhand Slap
Circle, Circle, Circle, Square = Super Uppercut
Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle = Tornado Kick
Air Combos:
Square, Square, Circle = Punt
Square, Circle = Cannonball
Circle = Dive Kick