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Spider-Man 2

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Gameplay Controls

Spider-Man 2

Control Pad Move (Down = Crouch). Crouch. Aim. Swing.
A Button Punch
B Button Jump (Hold to Jump Higher). Web Swing. Advance Story.
X Button Web-Zip Line (With Direction)
Y Button Kick
L Button Activate Spider-Sense
R Button Special Move
Start/Pause Pause. Skip Cinematic.
Combo #1 While Web Swinging, Press Control Pad Left to Swing Slower, Right to Swing Faster, Up to Swing Higher
Combo #2 Press A Button/Y Button While Running = Advancing Punch/Advancing Kick
Combo #3 A Button/Y Button + Control Pad Up = Uppercut Punch/Uppercut Kick
Combo #4 To perform Special Moves, select the move you want by touching it on the Touch Screen, then R Button to execute move.