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Spider-Man 2

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Gameplay Controls

Spiderman 2
GamePlay: Follow in-game tutorial to learn special moves and abilities. Use Attack, Web, and Jump in different combinations to take advantage of Spiderman 2's open-ended combat system.

Control Stick Movement
Control Pad UP = Spider Reflexes. DOWN = Camera Lock-On Mode.
A Button Jump
B Button Attack / Action
X Button Evade / Attach to Wall
Y Button Web. Grapple/Pick Up for civilians. Y + X = Grapple/Pick Up for thugs.
Z Button Re-Center Camera. Z + Start = Map
L Button Sprint. L + R = Web Zip (has to be purchase).
R Button Web Swing. L + R = Web Zip (has to be purchase).
C Stick Rotate Camera
Start/Pause Pause