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GF Rating

Really Bad

Bad Game Bad Graphics

posted by Scottie197 (COLUMBUS, OH) Aug 21, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

Just want the title of this says. Bad Game, HORRID graphics!

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GF Rating

Really Bad

just bad!

posted by maverick62 (CORBETT, OR) Jul 29, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

from the atari like graphics to the absolutely horrible controls no gameplay value it was plain bad wont let you steer while AI are passing you on every corner while your speeding up you hope you don't get nailed but an opposing car that seems to be only aiming to hit you not win the race worst game i have rented from gamefly so far

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Look Elsewhere for Your Need for Speed

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 9, 2010

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Is Zoo Games becoming the next Data Design Interactive? The next company that floods the Wii gaming market with cheap, horrendous games? I hope not.
But Speed is one clear case that says it is so. Speed is very much like a Data Design Interactive Game, Classic British Motor Racing (CBMR).
How are they similar? Here’s how:
First, both games have very little track selection. CBMR gave you six tracks, Speed gives you seven.
Second, the multiplayer mode is far too basic and bland.
Next, both games have awful controls - the vehicles involved can’t take turns very well. The AI doesn’t have to deal with this, so it’s easy for their cars to whip about the corners at fast speeds.
Then, the AI in both games try to do their best to run you off the track; the AI isn’t interested in winning, it doesn’t want you to win.
And in both games, in order to unlock the next section of single player mode, you have to win the race; but with the hindrances of control and the AI, I found myself playing the same track over and over again.
CBMR was one game trashed by many reviewers (including myself) and I think of Speed in exactly the same way.
Speed is another strong candidate for my WORST WII GAMES OF 2010.

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