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The Need for - Better Handling

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 29, 2009

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Most racing games on the Wii just don't give the feel of going fast - they just feel like you, you opponents (AI or other players) are just meandering from the start to the finish - perhaps going through several laps to do so.
But Speed Zone does have the feel of going fast - if only the controls weren't so sensitive (even on the low sensitivity setting).
This game has six cars - five of which are locked and have to be bought with money. Also, the car you get has the worst handling, acceleration and top speed available. In order to boost these attributes to level one, two or three, you have to spend money - in three pyramid tournaments.
You start each tournament with the four tracks at the bottom. Beat those four and the three above them are unlocked. Beat those three and the two above it are unlocked, and so on until you get to the top.
The first tournament is the Racing Set. Here, you race on tracks against 7 other AI opponents to beat a bench mark position.
The second is the Solo Set where you have to keep a certain speed for a certain amount of time through a track
The third one is Battle Set where you go about an arena, collect weapons and blast the opposition. You get points for every hit and defeated foe. Total points determine winner, and you have to beat a bench mark position.
Doing well in these contests will get you money to spend to get more cars, better performance, and/or different skins. But I’m wondering - if all the cars are the same, why do I have to spend a lot of cash unlocking them? One car is $40,000.
But back to the original problem - the steering is too sensitive. Far too often my car would flip over or careen off track, so I have to reset, putting a greater distance between me and the AI (who rarely crashes).
Multiplayer is what I'd expect; up to 8 players can race or battle each other with all vehicles. It's not bad, but not great either.
Speed Zone’s control woes are too much for me to handle. SKIP IT

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posted by MatthewX (JUSTIN, TX) Jan 28, 2010

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The graphics were ugly, the controls are completely broken, and the gameplay was beyond god awful. Overall it felt like a port of a N64 game, and a terrible one at that.


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Steep learning curve

posted by 666satan (GAINESVILLE, FL) Mar 2, 2010

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I was given this game with the Wii on account of my in laws know I like cars. While the controls are very very tricky, once you get them down the game is pretty fun. I probably wouldn't have taken the time to get used to them if it hadn't been my only game for a couple weeks, as it is quite frustrating flying off the track all the time. It does remind me of some N64 games, but I don't really care, its just a video game.

The learning curve is really steep, so if you wanna play with other people try to learn it at the same time, other wise its just silly.

There are basically two types of cars, although there are several versions of each. Pick whichever you want of each propulsion type and build them to the max. This will cover you for all tracks as the jet cars do better on longer sweeping tracks and the standard cars do better on tracks with tighter turns requiring more acceleration.

It takes to much time to get steady to rent, eventually you'll see it somewhere for $10 or less. Go ahead and buy it then if you liked F-Zero way back when.

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