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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Card Port Codes

These codes can be entered at the card port machine unlocked by the Upsilon cube which can be found on Kollin 1 to the right of headquarters under the tree in the upper left by the museum or downloaded from the wi-fi downloads section for 1 point. The codes are entered in the form.

  • 2134 BGJ
    Emerald Mineral
  • 1243 BFK
    Sapphire Mineral
  • 3412 BGK
    Ruby Mineral
  • 2134 lje
    rho cube
  • 1243 kda
    lota cube
  • 3412 idg
  • 2143 del
  • 1243 chl
30 damage points

Enter the following when you're in battle.

  • Hold A until it is filled, and then type A, B and then L, R.
    30 damage points