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best game ive played for wii

posted by gamer221 (VACAVILLE, CA) Sep 5, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

i was in the desert planet when krux was summoning the giant krawl.
i saw his hair and thought thats the spectrobes masters hair. i was like holy then he showed his face at the end it was him! i was right. very good game i had a ryza child a ryza adult spina evolved form. torags adult form.

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Above Average

When fossils fight, who wins?

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 30, 2009

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Member since Jan 2008

Got to excavate them all - oops, wrong game.
But Spectrobes Origins does have the Pokemon feel of catching and collecting creatures called spectrobes. Some Spectrobes fight alongside your character against enemies called the Krawl, which are different types of monstrous: creautres like four legged rock lizards, floating ice squid things, and so on.
Most of this combat is the player dodging the attacking Krawls while striking back - with his/her weapon and his/her Spectrobe.
But the combat system has a major flaw in it. Far too often an off screen Krawl would barge in and smash into our hero, doing lots of damage. Something I get hit with several Krawls at once and my life points suffer for it. (This game needs a simple lock on system.) It gets worse when the off screen Krawl hit me with projectiles. This is one game not for the easily frustrated.
And finding the weak spot on some bosses can get irritating - namely the one on the ice planet.
But there are other parts to the game, namely the collecting Spectrobes part. You do that by finding a cube of solid rock, bring it back to the ship, and use a console to blast through the rock with tools like a drill, laster, blower, and bombs. It is easily the most enjoyable part of the game.
After that, you awaken the Spectrobe by doing a simple rhythm based game. It is now ready to be part of the Search Team.
In order to get it onto the Fighting Team, you feed it an evolution crystal (which you find by wandering about the area.)
Spectrobes each have an element - fire, earth, water, and so on. There are five in all, and every element works best a different element (water is best against fire), and is vulnerable to a third element (fire is weak against water).
The story is simple; it’s about the search for some shards to stop a disaster. There's a lot of content to keep players busy for hours.
Spectrobes has some good ideas, but the combat gets very frustrating very quickly. RENT IT.

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way beatter

posted by ppostar (WESTMINSTER, CO) Aug 30, 2009

Member since Feb 2007

i played all three inclouding this one this ones by far the best if you liked the first three rent this one first than buy it if you like it

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