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A lot of fun but a lot of tedium as well.

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Aug 20, 2009

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Spectrobes is an action RPG based heavily on monster fighting. The sole purpose of raising Spectrobes is to bring them into battle with you. Each new breed has its own fighting style and properties. Once they reach level 10, secondary stage beasts can release a powerful elemental attack, which can hit multiple times and targets, and level 30 stage three monsters will do even greater feats. You can also issue attack commands with motions and, if timed right, can deal even greater damage.

My biggest peeve in the time I've played is the way you find items. Each time you want to send one of your 'child' monsters out to search, you have to wave the remote. As searching for materials is the main objective outside combat, you're going to be doing a lot of heard conducting. The commands don't always register either. And, as finding new Pokem... er, Spectrobes, requires you to search, it's necessary to do a little digging. I find it ironic though that these animals, which are supposed to be on the search team, can't find anything on their own. There should be an ability to 'unleash' the Spectrobe just to give the wrists a rest.

And speaking of feeding, it's a bit... overly complicated. You'll have to get a few hours into the game before you even get the option to do so. Once u can get to the room, which can only be reached via a save point or your ship, you can finally feed your monsters. However, you have to lay out the materials like Peter Griffin did candy for James Woods on Family Guy. The creatures will eat one by one, dragging what could be done in seconds out far too long.

There's a lot of nonsense but it never feels like there's a down time if you play your cards right. It might be tedious to shake the remote constantly, but the fighting is great, there are a lot of weapons to find, and the fossil excavating is done rather well. I would've preferred a more streamlined system in many parts but its definitely an enjoyable experience suited for the whole family.

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Decent game

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Sep 26, 2009

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Hi - this game is like a very light version of Shin Megami. Basically a lot of planet hopping ( so you get a nice variety of backgrounds) battling various evils. You do a lot of excavating to find goodies to raise your mini army at your command. You'll do a lot of upgrading to your army throughout the adventure. Combat is easy & fun. The path of what to do next is easy to follow.
I usually prefer adventure games to be a bit more exploratory (finding neat secrets, etc...) & have some creative puzzles to solve - so that aspect of the game was somewhat disappointing. But still a nice 10 hour rental that is enjoyable. My best, D

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posted by gamefly10 (LAWRENCEVILLE, GA) Mar 18, 2011

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this game is very good to be a disney game...if you have a wii and you like pokemon and alll the other types i recommend that you play this game

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