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GF Rating

22 ratings

Movie Details

Sci-Fi Violence, Some Language, Strong Sexuality

Movie Description

After years of sending messages into space, a government project receives a transmission back. The message details a strand of alien DNA and how to fuse it with human genetic material. The recipe results in Sil (Natasha Hestinridge), a human/alien hybrid who matures at an alarmingly fast rate. Stunningly beautiful but strikingly deadly, Sil escapes from the government lab. She's on the loose, and all she wants to do is mate. If she does, it could spell doom for life as we know it. Xavier Finch (Ben Kingsley) is the government agent charged with tracking her down. He assembles a team of lab-types and mercenaries (including Michael Madsen) to find Sil before it's too late in this seductive sci-fi thriller. If men can't resist her, mankind may not survive her.

Specs & Requirements

Length 108

Theatrical Release Date 1995