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All about the story.

posted by tyrol (WEST FARGO, ND) Aug 29, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Spec Ops The Line is 2 games in one. One is a mediocre, slapped-on mode where people connect online and waste some time. I will not rate it here.

The other is a well-written and well-executed single player experience that you will remember for quite a long time. It borrows heavily from great literature (Heart of Darkness) but manages to translate its power into an interactive medium.
Gameplay is fairly standard and nothing here tries to reinvent a 3rd person cover shooter. But you should play this game for the story, not for how well your character runs into cover (runs well enough).

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The ending is worth it!!!

posted by jrandmh27 (STATESBORO, GA) Aug 24, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

As a fan of Spec Ops back in the ps1 days, I was pretty excited to hear about this game. I immediately remembered squad based combat with customizable load-outs. The Line is not the game for you if you are looking for that!! You do travel with two other soldiers, but control of them is very limited, the only command you can issue is "attack," and you can only command them to attack 1 enemy at a time. Considering that you have 2 teammates, you would think that you could command at least 2 attack orders, but sadly no, you can't. Random prompts for a stun grenade command come up, but never enough to use in a strategic way.

As for load-outs, you are limited to whatever weapon you are given by the game, or whatever you can pick up from fallen enemies, with the option of holding 2 guns and 3 grenade types. It would be nice for custom load-outs but due to the story, it's not really possible, for you are in a completely destroyed city the entire game with no physical contact with other allies other than the 2 squad-mates you are in command of.

The game-play, while the shooting mechanics are solid, every thing else is kinda clumsy, especially when going in and out of cover, or vaulting over obstacles. You will die a more than a couple times due to your character popping out of cover or swinging a melee attack when trying to jump over a desk.

Now for the story, which is not as good as every one raved about, UNTIL THE END!!!! Which made the entire game worth it. Don't get me wrong, this was a fun game, it just lacked anything new at all. Every chapter was fighting waves of re-enforcements until it was "clear" to keep moving. But, when you got to that last cut-scene when you are finally face to face to the man you have been hunting down for 15 chapters, the truth that unfolds in the next 5 minutes between the two is simply spine-tingling. I only wish the rest of the game could have been as entertaining.

Overall, decent ride you wont guess th

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GF Rating

Very Good

Jarring ride.

posted by Sevrun (BAY MINETTE, AL) Aug 21, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Sometimes overacted, but always impressive, the story truly is the centerpiece of the game. It is one wild ride, careening along like a roller coaster without brakes to peek into a side of things most games ignore. I'm not entirely certain I wanted to peek into some of those places, personally.

The weapons play and sound like solid representations of their real world counterparts so far as my experience can support. Enjoy the turrets... they're awesome.

The Graphics stand their ground with any of the current gen, and game controls were typically tight and crisp. Everything you should expect when you're trying to survive.

Be careful of your choices, as they can lead to brutal consequences, often unintended. It is not a game that intends for you to be comfortable in where it takes you, and is not for the faint of heart.

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