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GF Rating


wow.Just WOW

posted by DARKtemp6 (STUART, FL) Sep 19, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

Singleplayer is legit. Awesome shooting scenes, music and sound is great if you have a surround sound system too. Dialogue is top notch. All in all, storyline will rip at you and make you think twice about all the decisions you make. Def in a league of its own in storylines. THIS IS NOT A MODERN WARFARE RIP OFF!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent 3rd Person Shooter

posted by Izzy_Duzit (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Sep 18, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

The single player campaign consists of 15 chapters, each containing a series of objectives to be completed in order to progress in the game. The storyline, though vague at times is fairly good (with a dark vibe to it) and it effectively depicts the harsh realities of war for everybody involved. The graphics are above average but not eye-popping and the controls are solid. The gameplay is tactical for the most part (which seems to be the norm for 3rd person shooters) in that there is a straightforward cover system that should be utilized frequently to maximize combat efficiency. It is fun to use because it mimics real-life battle, but can be frustrating at times due to control actions getting mixed up (i.e. sprint and cover button are the same "x"). Furthermore, the game allows you to regularly command your men to take down a designated target, heal a friendly, or throw a stun grenade to temporarily impair the enemy. However, I personally found the 2 men that accompany you throughout the game to be more of a liability than an asset due to sub-par friendly AI. Moreover, if both happen to be "down" simultaneously, then you are forced to heal them quickly or the mission fails, thus making you vulnerable to the enemy. The game has a decent variety of weapons with a couple of them allowing you to aim in 1st person. Other cool features include slow motion when either you score a headshot on an enemy, and stun them with a grenade or by the environment (i.e. sand pouring from a window that you shattered), as well as executions. Overall the game was decent, and if you like 3rd person shooters, then this is a solid rental (definitely not worth $60 buy though). I didn't bother trying the multiplayer because it got many negative reviews.

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GF Rating


decent game

posted by chism772 (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Sep 18, 2012

Member since May 2012

I really enjoyed this one. the storyline is cool enough to keep you playing. the actual combat (on normal mode) is challenging enough to keep you from getting bored as well. The graphics are about average. Also the game has a pretty cool sound track. Lastly being able to coordinate your team allows for a bit of stategy.
There were two downsides to the line. one was that there wasnt enough variety of weapons. that is a minor one thou. the major downfall to The Line is the play controls. even towards the end of the game i found myself fumbling with the controls. i would have included the multi-player in the negative but i never had the chance to try it. from what ive read about it; there isnt much to offer multi-player enthusiasts.
despite the short coming of The Line i really enjoyed it. however i wouldn't recommend buying this one. The Line still comes out as a must rent.

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