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Above Average

Great Story, Meh Gameplay

posted by SkaVader (NEW YORK, NY) Sep 21, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

I rented Spec Ops because I kept on hearing AMAZING things about the storyline...dark, gritty, and above all super original.

Giving credit where credit is due, the story of the campaign is, in fact, original as all helluva and SUPER heavy. There definitely cross lines that I've NEVER seen crossed in a video game before, and the morale choices made by the character you play REALLY gets you thinking, which is an excessive rarity in modern popular media in general, let alone with video games.

If Spec Ops was presented in a strictly story telling medium, it would be nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately, Spec Ops is, in fact, a video game, and the gameplay itself is fairly flawed. It's labeled as a tactical cover based shooter, and it SERIOUSLY skims on the tactical side of things. You have two squad mates who you really can't tell to do anything other than "SHOOT THIS THING HERE". Considering the number of times you're grossly outgunned combined with the fact that this game is not at all generous when it comes to you're character's ability to take bullets to the face, it would have been REALLY nice to have been able to use my squadmates to flank the shiitake out my enemies.

Instead, 90% of combat involves trying to pop out and shoot enemies in the head in the incredibly small window you're given before you die from being exposed for too long. Combine this with the INSANE flinch you experience whenever you take a hit, and gunfights can get REALLY frustrating REALLY fast, especially later in the game.

Still though, if you have some patience to wade through the frustrating gameplay, it's definitely worth a rental and a single playthrough.

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GF Rating


Where do i start ):

posted by giggzy (KENNESAW, GA) Sep 19, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

First of all this is a 3rd person shooter, I'm not saying there bad but this just isn't right to be in 3rd person. second the realism of it is terrible i was able to shoot someones head off with my pistol. third most of the time you are sneaking witch i love but when i reload he screams RELOADING!! and gives away our position, fourth all of the guns do the same damage its just a matter of machine gun or no machine gun. fifth you can tell your teammates to take out someone which is cool but what happens is, "take him out" "got it taking him out.....................................taking aim...............reloading.......(shoots and misses) Reloading......" and thats when we start to get shot at. sixth and final reason its all in the desert you see the city in the distence and youll walk for miles and there it is still sitting over there not any closer. And my final reason on why i dont like this game is there isnt really a storyline you just find some americans they get shot go find more they get shot. oh look its an american oh wait he just got shot lets go get shot too because were american. IF YOU LIKE SUPER EASY 3RD PESONE SHOOTERS WITH DOZENS OF DEAD AMERICANS GO AHEAD AND BUY IT!!!!

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GF Rating


Competent shooter, excellent theme.

posted by DrunkDave89 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Sep 13, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

I enjoyed this game rather a lot; certainly enough to forgive somewhat clunky controls. The offspring of CoD/GoW is unfortunately somewhat difficult to get into, as high-damage/low-health makes little foibles with the cover system very unforgiving. It took me about 15 tries to get past the final large firefight in the game, and I consider myself a fairly competent 3ps player.

The reason why this game scores a 7 rather than a 5 is because of its theme and story. Though this game is anything but subtle, it is an excellent dark satire of other military shooters, and the psychology of gaming in general. Without too many spoilers, the salient question the game asks the player is: "Wouldn't this have been better if you'd just stopped?" There is a very interesting dissonance between this and the way the game actually works. There is very little choice in how to proceed throughout the campaign, and even with foreknowledge, it is impossible to avoid committing atrocious acts without simply turning off your console. I can draw a parallel between this and Bioshock after the big reveal. In the case of bioshock, even though you know that you are being manipulated, there is nothing you can do about it. In Spec Ops, rather than an outside influence, the conflict is between the player him/herself, and the intentions/ambitions of the player character. I would like to see more games in this vein, and I found the experience enjoyable, definitely worth a rental.

I did not play the multiplayer component, and won't comment on it beyond the fact that I heard from several sources that it is tacked on and really has no place in the game.

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