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posted by gamerzhead (ATLANTA, GA) Sep 25, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

This game has a really good story mode I will give them that its ok but the multiplayer is what i really anticipated and i did not like it at all. I dont think this would be a good enough game to buy but great to rent for a one and only time.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent rental

posted by capthavic (ATHOL, MA) Sep 25, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

This is a competent, average TPS with an interesting concept. The story is basically you lead a delta squad into a ruined Dubai thats been ravaged by massive sandstorms in order to locate survivors and a missing army platoon. During the search you see all sorts of atrocities and all attempts to help just seem to make things worse. Personally I felt that message that even the best of intentions can lead to horrible consequences and that you probably should have just turned back right at the start were poignant ones and something that more games could explore. The main story itself I felt was a little lacking, I didn't really feel any connection to the characters and I called the twist at the end before even pressing start.

Gameplay wise it's solid if nothing spectacular. If you've played any third person shooter before then you know what to expect here: lots of taking cover, lots of shooting dudes as they pop from cover, two weapon slots and a few grenade types, etc. You can sometimes shoot out windows to flood enemies with sand or drop them to their death but its pretty rare. You two AI teammates are fraking useless most of the time; be it getting in your line of fire, not shooting enemies 2 feet in front of them, or getting killed and therefore you while trying to revive them. You can issue orders but they take forever to kill the target (if at all) so why even bother? Similarly the enemy AI is pretty dull; one highlight being a line of dudes running up stairs like a conga line and into my hail of bullets not even caring. You'll still die a lot because of cheap enemy accuracy and the fact you can't take much damage.

Overall it's a decent game that is worth a rental if you are at all interested.

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GF Rating


Well Worth Playing!

posted by jcbdnny2011 (PLAIN CITY, OH) Sep 24, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

O.k, first off, does any one else think this game has a gears of war feel to it? it is the right amount of difficulty to it as well, the story line is just one you can follow and get attached to the characters. Honestly one of the better 3rd person shooters i have seen since G.O.W

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