Rent Spawn for Xbox
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Also on:GC, PS2
GF Rating

236 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Directional Pad Up/Down = Change hell power, Right/Left = Change weapon
Left Thumbstick Move Spawn
Right Thumbstick Rotate camera
A Button Jump/double jump (double-tap)/glide (press and hold)
B Button Axe attack
X Button Fire weapon/attack with chain (when selected)/special chain attack (hold, when selected)
Y Button Use Hell Power
Left Trigger Deploy chains to grapple
Right Trigger Target lock (hold)/center camera behind Spawn
Start Pause
Combo #1 B, B = Axe combination attack
Combo #2 B, B, B = Night Falls
Combo #3 Right Trigger (hold) + Left Thumbstick Up + B = Cleave
Combo #4 Right Trigger (hold) + Left Thumbstick Down + B + B = Shadow Demon
Combo #5 Right Trigger (hold) + X + B = Axe slam