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GF Rating


Terrific Remake of the Classic Game

posted by NintendoXD (BALDWINSVILLE, NY) Jun 25, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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For the 30th anniversary of "Space Invaders," Taito has remade Space Invaders for the DS as "Space Invaders Extreme," and believe me, this is more then just the Space Invaders game with better graphics...

What you get is a brand new kind of game with all these crazy things happening that still remains loyal to the Space Invaders type gameplay.

The game works fine. You shoot at other ships coming at you and get bunches of bonuses that can't be explained in a review, but don't worry. The game is very different from the original. You can get chains, extra rounds, boss battles, and its a very fast game, compared to the original.

There's a ton of modes, including Arcade Mode, where you simply play through the levels of the game. There's also an online mode where you play through Arcade Mode, without any retries or continues, and what you score goes onto the Global Rankings.

Multiplayer is a blast. Granted, you're not really playing against your buddy, more so, playing the same level and trying not to die first. The same gameplay is also for the online mode. The speed usually is between the speed of the "Mario Kart Wii" online play and the "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" but don't worry, in no time, you'll be playing against a buddy in Japan, or a stranger in the UK.

What was kind of a missed opportunity was an original port of the game, but if you really want to play it, you can buy it on the Virtual Console or play it online for free at [ m].

If you have a DS, at the very least, rent this game. You owe it to yourself to play a GOOD remake of a game, which is surprising because Taito's other recent remake, "Arkanoid DS" is just horrible, bland and boring. If you are choosing between the two, I highly recommend renting/buying "Space Invaders Extreme."

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GF Rating


Fun for a while

posted by TommyH (FAIRBANKS, AK) Aug 8, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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As a player of the original space Invaders I found this game fun but a little to busy for my taste. The music will make you want to keep playing all day. If was fun for a while then it just got old.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Classic fun, updated

posted by MrInviz (CAMBRIDGE, MA) Jun 25, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

Space Invaders Extreme is a near perfect update of the classic arcade game. The music is fun and the way the sound effects become part of the soundtrack is mesmerizing. It's frantic fun with an interesting power-up system. The boss battles make for a tough challenge.

The biggest flaw for me was that the game has "unlockable" modes. Nearly nothing bothers me more than needing to finish a game in order to play all the game modes or levels. (It loses a point for this.) Otherwise, I wasn't really compelled to re-play the game just to increase my high scores. They focus a lot on shooting combinations of Invaders (by color, column, etc), but for me this game should've been a pure shooter. (It loses another point for focusing on this.)

Definitely Rent It, but you might tire of it and not want to Keep It.

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