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Space Chimps

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These "Chimps" deserve better than this game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 19, 2008

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This game's called Space Chimps when it should be called Chimps on an Alien Planet.
Space Chimps starts off with you taking control of Ham, a chimp, as he tires to get away from the evil aliens. How? By jumping over obstacles, solving puzzles and beating up the bad guys while talking to the good guys.
As you progress through the levels, you play as either Ham or another chimp, Luna.
Space Chimps is a 3D platformer with a bit of flying and first person shooting tossed in. The flying and first person shooting is good; I had no trouble steering the alien flying thing or shooting at target with the alien that's on Luna or Ham's arm.
But the platformer is another story. The game asks you to make several difficult - some almost impossible - jumps to get through the level. I must've fell to my death a dozen or more times in one of the last levels.
Also, the game can grind to a halt when you're trying to figure out what the solution to some of the puzzles are. It's a complicated version of "get block A to pressure point B to get at key C to unlock door D." There's no variety in the puzzles; it's move objects from one place to another so you can move on to the next section of the level or go on to the next level.
The single player has some length to it, but not much. I finished it in about six hours.
But the biggest problem this game has is the fighting. Luna and Ham aren't trained for combat, and some of the alien foes get really tough; so much that I skipped fighting them so I can move along the level.
The game does have unlockables such as costumes for Luna and Ham, videos of the characters, concept art, and a shooting game for up to two people. But these features don't add much to Space Chimps.
Space Chimps is another average movie tie-in game just to make money from the movie.

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Space Chimps

posted by lorrielou (STEVENS POINT, WI) Jun 1, 2012

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Lots of jumping but got boring real fast.

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good gameplay

posted by tallmario365 (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 13, 2012

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this game has really good gameplay because the contrls are nomarl bacause of the a button the the b button to attack and the conterl stick to move

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