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Not Quite the Right Stuff

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 11, 2009

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After getting a basic (very basic) training, your character accidentally shoots him/herself off to the moon in Space Camp, an adventure game for the younger set.
In order to get back, you'll have to get enough fuel to fill up the tank (which is no small feat).
To achieve this, you'll have to explore the moon (the best part of the game) and go through a series of tasks that include fixing or upgrading robots, doors, racing a moon based vehicle, and shooting down asteroids.
You'll have a helpful robot tag along, telling you what your next task is, and gives you a map of the immediate area you are in. It would be even better if I got a map of the whole play area showing me how the haibitats and surface areas are positioned in relation to each other.
Most of the tasks you'll take on are mini games where you trace a line around a object that you want to create, adjust a beam of energy to hit certain targets, adjust a bar to the right spot to create metal/energy from moon rocks or shoot down asteroids with a big gun.
Problem is, you'll be playing most of these mini games many, many times over (most notably the create metal/energy from rocks and cut out items to create them.) It can get boring.
Another problem is the "shoot down the asteroids". That mini game gets tough - the last time you play it, you'll have to deal with a total of 100 asteroids that first come slowly and few at first, but get real fast and furious later on.
And the game's not very long - about three hours from start to finish (about six if you have to find all the extras).
There is an option to play some minigames multiplayer, but that feels like something that was slapped on at the last moment.
Space Camp has some nice ideas, but it just beats them into the ground with bland story and multiplayer features. SKIP IT

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Space Camp what ever

posted by ki4bnv (MADISON, AL) Nov 3, 2009

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Space Camp for the Wii is lacing in the fun department. When you begin you create a person then you talk with your camp counselor who look like he to old to be there, he then says you have a robot for the day named A.R.P. who has all the info about everything. Then you have to play mini games that don't require a whole lot of brains to play. I can believe that someone would develop a game so bad.

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In space, no one can hear you groan...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Sep 10, 2009

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If you find yourself playing Space Camp, chances are you've played almost everything on the Wii and thought, "How bad could it be?" Well, let me answer that for you.
Space Camp is a game that makes the assumption a bunch of mini-games based on old arcade titles can completely compose a game. It also assumes that you have the intelligence of a goldfish with a vocabulary to match. It's also uninteresting, crudely designed and lackluster on effort. The story is boring, the graphics generic, the sound forgettable. And after all of this, there are load screens between each activity.
To it's credit, the mini-games are functional. They aren't particularly fun, but they work on the rudimentary level they're geared towards. Unfortunately, these are all retreads of better (albeit older) games. Shooting asteroids is a poor excuse for Missile Command, shuffleboard is a convoluted version of, well, shuffleboard, and picking up moon rocks is basically the same as a prize vending machine. You can also explore, which mostly gets you new clothing that you won't wear because you've already stopped playing the game.
I wasn't particularly frustrated or angry at Space Camp, I was simply left wanting anything else I could get my hands on. There's just so little to the title and basically nothing original, making it an exercise in mediocrity that gamers should avoid all together.

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