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Best Adult Cartoon Game Ever Made

posted by JoeC64 (BOWIE, MD) Apr 2, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

Just finished playing this and I would keep it if I could. I have been a huge fan of South Park since the first season, and I have witnessed Trey Parker & Matt Stone's fascination and passion for video games in many episodes, so this game had a lot to live up to. As a SP fan, I was blown away! There are references and Easter eggs galore, and the characters and dialogue are depicted exactly as they are in the show; even playing the game feels like an extended episode that you get to participate in.
I have a beginner's level of experience with RPGs, most notably Paper Mario for GC. Compared to others in the genre, it is somewhat shorter. I found it much more playable, and because it is hilarious, it never got repetitive - a problem I often find in RPGs. I find the humor in RPGs to be a flavor that is probably popular in Japan and resonates with people who watch anime. This game is actually funny to people who aren't nerds as well. I found myself literally laughing out loud at many points throughout the game.
In true SP tradition, they push the envelope; though I won't labor on that point because if you want to read about the controversies this game has caused, its been written about elsewhere.
The downsides to this game are a) I kept collecting "junk" instead of selling it thinking that it served some purpose; it doesn't, b) there are some collectibles you can only get during certain sequences, meaning once you beat the game and want to find all the stuff you missed there are some you can't get to again, c) there are f-art "spells"you learn, and the most frustrating part of the game was the sequences where you are trained to learn them - particularly Nagasaki and the Silent Squeaker - and then implementing them in places to progress in the plot.
Despite these shortcomings, I felt this game deserved a 10, and is better than all of the Simpsons games (which I also love) combined! A home run and a half; there isn't enough room to mention everything I loved!

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Pretty fun game!

posted by bphillips119 (NEWARK, OH) Mar 29, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

This game is really fun to play, open world, customizable character, and a lot of different weapons and armor to pick from. The game is kinda short I think but a lot of funny stuff happened. I recommend playing it!

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not what i thought

posted by chaotic1121 (ARVADA, CO) Mar 25, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

First off you know its trey and matt.. Being able to use uncensored ideas was probably a dream for them sure... Its funny like any episode of sp but when it comes to the game itself.. The RPG aspect barley qualifies, only a 15level cap, wepons are a joke so is armor, decision making isint even a factor in the game and chosing a side doesn't even matter. Its super vulgar and lacking in story. Its soo short, side missions suck, its usually one hit wonder in enemies even boss battles are easy and boring.. They could have done so much more with length and dephth... More for comedy not actual gameplay

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