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soul cailber legends

posted by soulblad3 (TARENTUM, PA) Dec 26, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

Soul Cailber legends is a desent game all and all. There are good things and bad things but the bad over come the good.For starters you will notice that the only way to just fight is to get a second player yes that is right they got rid of player vs com.On the good side you can run around in story mode. You can play with only two people at a time. Later on in the game the choses are so hard to make on how goes in the level. The best way is to make a set team for every level. A nother downer is no more create a caracter. They took a great idea and went the wrong way with it.So because of the gameplay is alright it gets a 5.5 thats a resoble score.

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Above Average


posted by rbarrett (PLANO, TX) Dec 20, 2007

Member since Dec 2007

Soul Calibur Legends is your basic dungeon crawler wrapped in the guise of a good franchise. You play as young Sigfried to start off, and later unlock other characters from the SC series like, Ivy, Mitsurgi, and Taki. The game features a lot of cheesy voice acting, but it's also coupled with tons of text and 2D art, aka "talking heads" used to tell the story at the beginning and end of each chapter.

The game uses the Wiimote for your attacks, but each time you attack, it makes a "ching" noise from the speaker. This got old after about 10 minutes, and I soon had to turn off the volume on my Wiimote speaker. Otherwise, your wrist is going to get tired after a while because the whole game is just waggle, swipe, waggle, waggle, swipe. There are some RPG elements, like being able to level-up your weapons and characters, but it takes way too long to earn anything worth sticking around for. The levels also feature a few simple puzzles here and there.

Graphics are decent, but don't expect anything much better than what we've seen on Gamecube. It does have nice real-time cutscenes. Music is good, and typical of the SC series. It definitely has an arcade-ish feel to it.

The game also features some versus and co-op gameplay modes, which are split vertically down the middle of your screen. The camera in the game is already bad and very low-level to the character, so cutting your field of view in half only makes it worse. At least in vs. mode the characters are already unlocked for you.

I question the developer's intent when they decided that making the Wiimote speaker ching at every swipe was a good idea. And why can't I use the IR pointer on the Wiimote to move the cursor around instead of the nunchuck's control stick? That makes no sense.

I would only rent this game if you are in the mood for some dungeon crawling and basic enemy killing. And in case you're wondering, the "jiggleness" in this game is utterly ludicrous.

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GF Rating


Thuroughly disappointing

posted by tomitrojan (ALBANY, CA) Dec 17, 2007

Member since Jan 2005

My friends and I are huge fans of the Soulcalibur series, so when I saw that this game was coming out, I was very excited. However, when I played the game, I was throughly disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good aspects of the game. The battle system is quite interesting, allowing the player to swing the wii-mote like a weapon, which is very entertaining. This shows promise, but the game had a lot of problems.

First of all, there are only about five different environments to explore. They are re-hashed multiple times, but they are the same in their basic layout. The multiplayer is also lame, with only one co-op level for each of the five environments.

Most disappointing of all is the reduction of playable characters. There are only 7 of them, each with only four available weapons. This is a dramatic step backwards from Soulcalibur 3, which had lots of weapons for each character, as well as about 20 playable characters and a make-your-own fighter feature. This game is only entertaining for a couple of hours, and is definitely not worth a rental, let alone a purchase.

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