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Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny


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Really Bad

Too cartoony/cutesy

posted by itsfive0 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Mar 11, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

No arcade mode, story mode sucked, and no quick missions. If you like SC3 then avoid this game.

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soul calibur broken destiny

posted by XXXXXX (Madison, WI) Oct 17, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

what happened to story mode and arcade mode this is a pathetic imatation of a great fighting game. i supose their going to blame that on the hardware not enough memory to include a full game well thats a pitiful excuse most psp games i have played are like this and i am getting sick of it the only thing its good for is watching movies at least its the same on the psp as it is any where else and you can count on nothing being changed downsized cutout or missing

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Should be Considered a party game, Useless 1P..

posted by Fireaspect (ERIE, PA) Sep 17, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

I will start off by saying excellent job on bringing this game to the psp. The graphics are good and the custom fighter maker is fun to play with.

I feel that sony should have put on the box that the game is for 2 players or more. There is nothing for the single player to do in this game. Yes, there is a "gauntlet mode" that has a generic, very boring story to it that doesn't change no matter who you are. The gauntlet mode becomes very repeatitive very quickly. Constant repeating of moves that have to be done in few seconds. Honestly, it is like a annoying practice mode set to a lame story.

The game is only fun if you have someone to link with. After linking it is pretty much no different than playing it on any other platform. So I would not recommend this game unless you have multiple friends to play with. Let's face it fighting the same friend that doesn't pose a challange gets boring quick. Just like the games pathetic excuse of NPC's.

On one last note, I think the character creators of Soul Calibur need to go back respec and redo some of the characters. Yes, it's fun and cool to keep your originals but it can become annoying to see two characters with almost the exact fighting styles and moves. While they are at it they should think about a Nerf on some characters. Did anyone else think that Kratos, Angol, Cervantis, Ivy, Nightmare, Sigfred, Taki and Mitsurgi were WAY OVER POWERED ?

Overall, I would say don't waste your money unless you and your friends need something to do between classes, long car rides or something to do 2 am. at Deny's while waiting for your food.

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