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Soulcalibur 4, the psp edition

posted by Carbine (COLTON, CA) Aug 31, 2009

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Yes this is Soulcalibur 4 which you have probably already played and probably already love or hate. With tons of fighters, modes, and extras I really believe this is the first fighting game on the psp to give Tekken a run for its money. The only real difference here is they have gotten rid of the star wars characters and brought in kratos from god of war.
Game play wise if you have ever played a Soulcalibur game before then you know what to expect, if not then you are in for a deep yet friendly weapon based combat system. Soulcalibur is pick up and playable as most people can figure out the basics pretty fast. Fighting involves the standard block, dodge, counter, know the range of your attacks game play up front. However it also supports more intricate moves such as armor breaks, ring outs, finishers (which have been fine tuned and are a bit easier now), and more.
The graphics are setting a new standard, period. This game is B E A utiful! Every time you see it you are going to wonder if you are really playing it on your psp as these visuals push the bar beyond anything I personally have ever seen on any handheld. Everything in soulcalibur stands out and you will find yourself taking a time out sometimes just to admire the eye candy.
Soulcalibur supports multiple fighting modes including quick battles, story, arcade, training, a gallery, etc, and everyones favorite create-a-fighter. Your first time in create mode you will notice its already pretty big with plenty of options for customization but thats only the tip of the iceberg. As you play through the game you will unlock more and more options for customization and eventually have a huge assortment of items and gear creating your own fighters.
All in all I would call this a must rent for any psp owner. Its one of the best games to come out so far this year and possibly one of the best fighters on the psp since Tekken.

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I hate having to only give this game a 7 because i

posted by HotJohnny (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Sep 9, 2009

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The translation of Soul Calibur to the PSP was quite successful. I was happy to learn that the ability to create a character was still intact, and quite thorough, in fact. The gameplay is great, the graphics are top-notch, and i have only played it once since i got it.

The problem is there is not much to do. There is no real Arcade mode. There is a story mode, but i didn't want to do that, i just wanted to play through a cast of characters and see an ending. Instead you are forced to play either the afore mentioned story mode with has you follow around another character in a non-cannon story, or you play individual matches against computer controlled created junk characters. By junk characters, i mean they are randomly built, created characters, and you don't even fight against the true cast of the game. I like that as an option, but i would like to fight the original cast, like in the arcade mode of SC4.

So obviously, i like a good arcade mode in my fighters, but we all know its the one on one battles with another human that are the true test of any fighter. And that's the major problem with this game, no online play. You can play wirelessly with someone you know in the same area as you, but it does not support online fighting. Major Bummer.

This game is a beautiful, portable version of SC4, i just wish they would have made it online so we could have the real Soul Calibur experience anywhere, anytime.

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soul calibur broken destiny

posted by radone (LAWTON, OK) Mar 6, 2010

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the game felt boring and most of it felt like one giant tutorial trying to make you perfect and grading you on every mistake

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