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Less is not more

posted by Eldavo (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA) Apr 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Soul Calibur series, by all means, try this game. It's gorgeous, it has controls that are as complex or as easy as you want them to be, it has some pretty environments, and it's a good stepping stone toward grasping the fundamental concepts that drive competition in one-on-one fighting games.

Everyone else, just keep playing SC2. Why? Super-moves. Now, there's an energy bar, and when it fills up to a certain point, you get to do a super-move that can be chained into a combo. I remember a kid who was born the year this was considered an innovation; he's in high school now. This is supposed to be better than soul charging. I cannot see how.

If the bar is empty, you can't guard impact. I know. I know.

Glaring annoyances include:
Story mode now generally involves only two characters, with a cameo here and there.
Remember those two-on-two matches that sort of tried to make up for the way there hasn't been a Team Battle since SC2? Nixed. One-on-one only.
Palette-swapped characters. It worked for Punch-Out, so why not this one, right?
Guard impacting is now limited by your special energy bar, because being thoroughly predictable shouldn't mean you have to lose.
The controls are stiffer than ever.
The options menu laughs at you. Change or disable the time limit? "LOL. No." Increase or decrease health or energy guages for longer or shorter matches? "Nope! LOL!" What can you change? The stage and music randomization options.
Some characters remain obnoxiously overpowered.
Patroklos is apparently pronounced "P'tro-ko-los," with four syllables. Because reading is hard.
I'll buy the fire-spewing lizard warrior, but the confused valley girl cast as the epic-level ninja warrior makes as much sense as casting Will Ferrell as Batman.
Astaroth still can't get a decent new costume.
Against all logic, hope, and prayers, Yoshimitsu still exists.
The post-fight menu is still obnoxious and takes forever

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by bigeasy (CHICAGO HEIGHTS, IL) Apr 27, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

it was jus ok.. nothin special except for Enzio.. I jus wanna hit the ground sometimes

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posted by NAPALM71 (WEATHERLY, PA) Apr 24, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

This game is absolute junk and all it is doing is causing people to pay 60 bucks for a dust collector. I'm so glad I tried it through GF first, which is actually why GF is here i believe, they actually save people from spending money on SHlT games such as this. I would never pay for this game and even if i got it for free it would be a waste of time and electricity to play it. ABSOLUTE JUNK

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