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Its a darn shame, the franchise need to shape up!

posted by Lucread (CLEARFIELD, UT) Mar 6, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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I've been a fan of Soul Calibur since the good old days of the Sega Dreamcast (I went back and played Soul Blade, too, just for shiggles, but the first Soul Calibur is where it all started for me). I played a ton of SC2, and SC3 was an obsession for years. SC4 was the first title I didn't keep playing until the next one came out, but it still got hundreds of hours of gametime... but this one?

There was a certain set of tactics needed to be great in the previous games. Yes there were cheap ways to win with almost every character, but a familiarity with these would help you come out the victor regardless (I should know, I was the reigning Northern Utah champion of SC3 and SC4, only to be dethroned upon my "retirement" from the tournies)... but this game is different.

Thanks in no small part to the removal of gaurd impacts (or the alteration of them to something completely different, rather) and the introduction of a Street Fighter like soul gauge and accompanying easy to perform super attacks, all strategy and tactics get blown right out of the water, as the game becomes a button mash contest to see who can get their gauge up fast eough to win the match. Now, I'm not saying the Street Fighter mentality is bad, per say, however I find its utilization in a game such as Soul Calibur to be insulting to the core fanbase.

We don't want to play Street Fighter, we want to play Soul Calibur... its basically an example of the old expression "don't fix it if its not broken." Of course this expression exists to warn people that fixing something that doesn't need fixing will often result in breaking it (just look at Microsoft Windows).

Bottom line, this is not a game for SC fans. Its pretty, and has a great customization mode, continuing the trend started in SC3... but its not really a SC game, and that is truly unfortunate. Namco needs to listen to its fans and make another one like SC3... but no, instead we're given this sad excuse.

We deserve better... SHAP

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Huge Disappointment! Actually Made Me Sad!

posted by Gobind05 (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) Feb 3, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

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I've been playing since Soul Edge. It had an amazing story and good gameplay. Throughout the years they got better and better then Soul Calibur 4 came out and blew everyone away. Great story mode, great creation mode, and well....great pretty much everything.

First Disappointment!
We all know to get good at any Soul Calibur game, it takes hours of memorization/technique to get the combos fluid. I was ready to rock out online with my best characters but guess! They aren't there! No Zasalamel, No Lizardman, No Talim, and No Cassandra! Namco did not put in any replacements for these characters! Sophitia's kids, Pyhhra and Patroklous, do not play like Cassandra. Aeon does not play like Lizardman. I do not know about you but I was PRETTY upset.

Second Disappointment!
Extremely lackluster story I'm not going to ruin it for you if you want to play it but it solely focuses on Sophitia's kids. It hurts how bad it me on this....Plus, it's super short.

EXTREME Third Disappointment!
No individual endings! Yup, you read right! The only story you will know about is what happens to Sophitia's kids. For me, I enjoyed playing through with each character because it let me try out each one while completing a goal (Viewing the ending). Namco dropped the ball completely on this one. I was so excited to find out what happened to all the other characters but NOPE! Not happening.

Fourth Disappointment!
The guard system is whack now....Days of being pro at guard impacting are over. They completely threw away that system. This was a big disappointment for me because I spent HOURS getting good at guard impacting in SC4. BAH!

The Short List of Good
-Critical Edge moves are pretty awesome
-Graphics are gorgeous
-Music is great
-Network play has been polished up way more than 4

Overall, SC5 is an extremely unfinished game. SC5 has tarnished the Soul Calibur franchise for me. Why take out unique characters that people spent hours l

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What Happened?

posted by Ngo (DREXEL HILL, PA) Feb 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

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Games like this make me scared for the entire fighting game genre
Soul Calibur used to have one of the best single player experiences in a fighting game out there but now.....Its in all honesty horrible
Though I could whine about how Seoug Mina, Yun Seong, and ALOT of other memorable characters aren't in the game
but they kept Voldo so my favorite wasn't removed so I'm not as ticked as others

and the story mode
SO BAD!!!!! other then the story being pretty dumb you only get the story for the LEAST interesting and memorable characters in the series
but what makes me disappointed and the reason behind this sub-par rating is that this might be the first fighting game I've ever played without individual endings and the only real ending goes to the WORST character IMO,
It makes me wonder how many people really like Sophitia because I never saw her as anything more then a make her kids the main protagonists was a pretty bold (and stupid) move

but other then that the fighting system is great (aside from the new guard system) and it plays really well has beautiful music as usual and looks great and the Online play is really smooth and seems like most of the creating was focused on the online BUT this is why I hate that Online play is THIS MUCH of a priority for gaming... because of the focus for online play, The single playing experience is taking a MASSIVE tole and I'm nervous that it soon won't exists anymore in any fighters

Some people just enjoy button mashing and having swearing contests with bratty kids from Europe and can play Online for hours without getting bored

But I cannot say I'm one of those people

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