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Very Good

Fantastic gameplay, Really bad storyline

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Feb 1, 2012

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Member since Jun 2011

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If you are new to Soulcalibur ill tell you that its a weapon based fighting game, and its a great one.

Ill start with the few bad things this game has, which pretty much just is the storyline. its mostly about the largely forgettable character Patrlokos which is on a quest to wield Soul Calibur "in the name of love" and rid his estranged sister Phyrra. You will play as some other characters in the short and boring story such as his sister and a few more, but it will mostly be about him.

Although the single player was a disappointment Soul Calibur has lots of stuff to offer. The game has about 30 characters, it has both new and returning carachters some of the many returning are Nightmare and Ivy.

The online in this game is amazing, whether you just fight against a friend or new people its really enjoyable. The game looks gorgeous, has great combat animations, and a great variety of maps, the battle arenas are great, the games run smooth and the characters are nicely detailed. For all AC fans in this game you can pay as Ezio Auditore and he really fits in to the game well and they did a really good job taking in his weapons from AC games; both ranged wepons and non-ranged

I have friends that are new to fighting games and they have had some trouble to get those combos, but just give it some time and you will se how amazing it is, because the combat system really has a lot of depth. Another great thing is the "character creation mode" which lets you creat your own characters and us them wherever you want(except story mode). So lets sum it all up...

- Very smooth and amazing gameplay.
- Looks gorgeous
- Great game to play with friends.
- Great combat system
- Character animation is stunning
- Character creation mode is a lot of fun

- Poorly written storyline
- Overly dramatic dialogue
- Took out some fan- favorites

The game is very good, but if you don't like fighting games this game wont really change anything.


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GF Rating


Soul Calibur V: My opinion...

posted by Squiggles (CHELSEA, OK) Feb 23, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

9 out of 13 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

Well after waiting since the announcement trailer I finally got my hands on a rented copy of Soul Calibur V. Here are my thoughts broken down into list.

-The character models and animations look amazing and all the flashy skills and ability's just increase that.
-The combat is smooth and responds well, probably the best in the series.
-Voice acting and music is put together nicely and definitely fits the setting.
-Character creation, now for the past 3 or so games SC has been doing this character creation thing. Now by far this is the best.

The iffy:
-Character list Now a lot of people might dis-agree with me on this but I hate the fact this game is 17 years later. All of our favorites have been replace and or removed. Setsuka is replaced with Alpha patroklos and Sophitia and Cassandra have been replaced with Patroklos, pyrrah and pyrrah omega. Other favorites such as Zasalamel, Talim have just been completely removed.
-The unlockables, now don't get me wrong I love all the unlockable character creation stuff but the unlockable characters and stages are just disappointing. Elysium, Edge master, Kilik are all mimic characters, I swear Algol is the only unlockable that has his own fighting style. Now Pyyrah omega is just Pyyrah with a more violent style and alpha patroklos is just Setsuka with a patroklos skin.

-I'm gonna go ahead and get this out of the way, BAD STORYLINE. The storyline in this game is to predictable and short. A mere 20 levels (levels = fights) it took me about 3 hours total. You also play as Patroklos and Pyyrah Sophitia's kids.
-Little to no offline content, when I got this game I was hoping the offline content since I cannot get live where I'm at, there are only a few modes, Legendary souls, Versus, Story, Quick battle and arcade. Legendary souls is just arcade with the cpu's on steroids, and quick battle is I'm guessing supposed to "simulate" online multiplayer idk.

But anyway that concludes my review, I wanted t

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GF Rating

Above Average

Game is awsome

posted by Soul_Well (LOUISVILLE, KY) Mar 17, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I played it and loved it, the story was good (but could have been longer giving the three year wait). Character roster was great and healthy number of people to pick. it had some pros and cons though,


Character roster is large,

Gameplay is nice,

Character creation is enhanced and you have more options to use,

Story mode was pretty alright,


Controls are a little dodgy,

Character creation voiceovers are not all that great like in 4,

Although story mode was good it could have been longer,

Story mode wasn't all cutsense (Spelled it wrong, sorry),

The "Chain of Souls" is gone :(,

Some characters are really weak while others are strong.

Other then those cons the game is GREAT!!!!! Can't get enough of it, also the details are epic, the teams did a great job on this game. Good job guys, good job, TWO THUMBS UP FOR THIS GAME!!!!!

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