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Above Average

Oh boy...

posted by Delirium (SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WI) Jul 31, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

Long review short, this is one of those games you're kind of excited to play, you hear bad things, you get the game, and realize every bad thing was true. Next day, the mailer the game came in goes right into the mailbox.

I'm sure hardcore fighting gamers will like this game (I've seen tons of 10's in this review list...something that is obviously biased). This game is definitely not without MAJOR flaws.

I suggest: renting the game and deciding for yourself. The story mode takes approximately 15 minutes to beat and there's a bit of depth to fighting in this game but unlike some fighting games combos don't seem to come naturally or are just THAT repetitive. I'm hoping for the sake of this game it's not the latter.

Not a bad game, pretty smooth but a bunch of WHAT WERE THEY THINKING moments. To sum this game in one word: 'meh'.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Awesome, but not perfection...

posted by Talanwei (University Place, WA) Jul 31, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

Ok, I've been playing this series since it was Soul Edge. I was there for the Dreamcast release and I was there for the midnight release for SC2. I didn't play much of 3 but, seriously, who did?

Soul Calibur IV is a step in the right direction. For the first time ever, there is online play. This series has been aching for an online mode since...well since the advent of xbox live. It is a little hard to get a match now and then but stick with it, the experience is new because you can face off with characters created by other players. You think you're unstoppable? Hop online, find out how good you are!

The Soul Crush is a new feature that alleviates some of the frustrating 'turtling' (when someone guards incessantly) that was used without any penalties in previous installments. Each player now has a Soul Gauge that increases or decreases depending on if attacks are landed or guarded against. Consistent heavy attacks on a guarding opponent will deplete a Soul Gauge and once their guard is crushed you can end the round with a critical finish.

The graphics are easily the best in the series, colors are vibrant, and the particle effects (i.e. sparks, flashes, flame, etc.) are done well. There are some minor hit detection issues, where a sword will pass through someone without scoring a hit but again, these are minor. The create a character mode is robust and completely customizable making for a heavy replay value.

For one of the first times, gamerpoints are linked to actual achievements in-game. The more achievements unlocked, the more equipment opens in create a character mode. Also, accessories can be unlocked in the Tower of Lost Souls which acts as the quest mode in this installment. Each floor has a rule, that once adhered to, grants a piece of equipment.

All in all, a solid game, loads of fun and if you're a fan of the series this one is definitely worth a look. Yoda is cool...but can't wait till Darth is downloadable ;)

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This is the review you want

posted by owtkast (HYATTSVILLE, MD) Jul 31, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

I've read all the other reviews and none give you the true purpose of this game. This is by far the best "get a group of friends together and prove who is best" fighting game. You can make any character in the game look like any other character or mix there of by the awesome customization option. Now usually I tell you how many achievement points you'll be able to get but reading the other reviews I had to stray away from that this time (til the end). This game is a tribute to great swordplay (or axe, tonfa, circly blade thing, sickle, etc) that the 360 has known. The storylines were never long and drawn out in the previous 3 so why people are amazed is beyond me. The fact is, if you want to sit down and play a game that is for the love of fighting games this is your one. (Finally) You can also expect to get around 650 Achve Pts with patience. The other 350.... you jus gotta want it.

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