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Soul Calibur 4 Outshines its Predecessor

posted by RusDawg (CORONA, CA) Aug 1, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

Soul Calibur 4 really outsines Soul Calibur 3. The graphics are awesome, there are more stages, you can create a character, there is more things to do in single player mode, and there are almost 3 times as many characters to play with. Soul Calibur has always been the best fighting game on Xbox, Glad to see that they repeated themselves for the Xbox 360 console. Basically , If you liked Soul Calibur on XBOX, YOU WILl LIKE IT 3 TIMES MORE ON 360, ENJOY!

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A Superb Fighter.

posted by aenderw (GREENSBORO, NC) Aug 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

While Soul Calibur has never been my favorite fighter, it has always maintained a place on my shelf where few fighters exist (and for good reason). The series presents a game rife with beautiful level designs, gorgeous character models, and gameplay with depth enough to satiate both button mashers and hardcore fighter aficionados alike. Soul Calibur IV is on par, if not better, than previous iterations.

The single player options include the benchmarks Story, Arcade, and Tutorial, as well as the "Tower of Lost Souls" in which you are pitted against numerous opponents over several floors of the "tower." The most ground breaking inclusion is that of online fighting. You are given the option to limit your encounters to a "Friends-Only" experience, allowing those that are new to this competition the freedom to keep it less competitive than it otherwise gets. Online is GREAT, but don't expect to waltz in as Yoda and clean house. The competition is fierce, but equally fun.

SCIV also introduces the Soul Crush, which is essentially a finishing move. It produces some profound effects to say the least and it's insanely satisfying to perform one. Also introduced is the armor destruction within fights that limit the defense of your opponent and you. It adds a new element to your strategy and certainly makes bouts more interesting.

The character creation is very in-depth, allowing you to start from scratch or simply edit an existing character (though lightsabers ARE NOT available... disappointing :( .) You unlock new accessories through the various gameplay modes.

SCIV is an all around great experience for those that enjoy fighting games. I'd definitely recommend renting, if not purchasing, this gem of a fighter.

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A Wonderful Game I Ever Played

posted by gkingcaleb (WEST END, NC) Jul 31, 2008

Member since Jun 2003

The story continues about two swords name Soul Edge and SoulCalibur, all the characters try bring the end of these swords to save the world and some want to rule the world of destruction. SoulCalibur 4 is a great game for gamers who likes challenge and fighting. The graphics is very excellent and has many characters for you choose. Character Creation is a cool thing that you can create your own character and can create 50 or less characters. Tower of Lost Souls is a mode that you can get hidden items for fighting each floor. I gave this game a 9 because the story mode of each characters is pretty short(about 8 minutes), but still fun to play. If you want a awesome fighting and a challenging game, this game is right for you.

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