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If you are not a fan already ...

posted by Local713 (PACIFICA, CA) Aug 2, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

9 out of 19 gamers (47%) found this review helpful

If you are not a fan of the Soul Calibur series already, SC4 doesn't do much to bring you in. If you ARE a fan already, it IS worth the rent.

Graphics are well done; the levels are beautiful and varied, characters are colorful, and weapons and armor can be changed. Lots of unlockable stuff becomes available as you play. All in all its a great game to look at.

But when it comes to gameplay it falls short. The game does nothing to help a player figure out combos; for a fighting game vet this isn't much of a problem but a more casual gamer finds it lacking. It is easy enough to button-mash your way through Story Mode, but that gets old after 3 or 4 times through. Arcade and Tower of Souls mode are little different (more challenging) but it seems like your opponents are fairly easy until getting to a boss, then it turns very difficult. Without some kind of direction for executing complex combos it turns frustrating.

I have not played SC4 on Live but reports of using quick single moves over and over are probably accurate. More evidence for the need of a more comprehensive combo system.

The armor and weapons system adds depth but this becomes little more than a novelty to the less-than-dedicated gamer because, again, lack of a clear in-game explanation of how it works. Really the coolest part about the armor is smashing it off your opponent. Fighting with Yoda is awesome (for awhile).

If ARE are a SoulCalibur fan already, it is worth the rental. If you are NOT a fan already, SC4 doesn't try to bring you in and you really aren't missing much.

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Xbox Controllers may need a Wii wrist-strap.

posted by Evernite (LANCASTER, CA) Aug 13, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I honestly have no complaints about the story mode, my complaints lie with a select few characters and a few of the game modes.

Multiplayer (Special): If you do get this game and are interested in the multiplayer, I would suggest playing standard. This mode consists of people pumping their HP and defense to such an extreme that there is no fun or challenge in playing the game mode, it comes down to who has more equipment and better ring out combos.

Multiplayer (Standard): While this game mode felt more 'true' to the genre, does anyone honestly play any characters besides Kilik, Maxi, Cervantes, Taki, or Mitsurugi? And to further that question, do any of these people have a more intimate knowledge of their characters than 3 combos to cycle again and again? It becomes mind-numbingly annoying to join a multiplayer match only to find that 'Xx Coolguy xX' chooses Kilik (after you've faced 10 in a row) only to open the round with the same horizontal sweep, lead up to the same vertical stab, switch to the first horizontal sweep.. see where I'm going?

Characters: The imbalance here is legendary, you enjoy playing Siegfried or Nightmare? Well.. if the opponant chooses Yoda you may as well forget you have horizontal attacks. In fact, you may as well forget you have 90% of your attacks, because only a select few will actually hit him. On a related note, why is it that Cassandra can outdamage a 3-hit air juggle by Nightmare with a simple standing combo? Aside from damage imbalances, there are probably around 70 characters to choose from, but only 15-20 unique fighting styles. Yes, they literally just copy/pasted the move list from original characters onto new 'skins.'

Tower of Lost Souls (Ascend): When the only strategy hint you can find on the internet for the final boss is 'let him ring himself out,' there's REALLY something wrong with this picture.

Infuriatingly frustrating at times, but somehow fun.

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A fun fighting game

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Jul 31, 2008

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Member since Apr 2007

12 out of 26 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

Ive heard pretty good things about SoulCalibur games and this one is no other. My favorite thing about it might be Yoda but thats not the best thing about this game. Xbox Live is pretty cool. But sometimes there are guys that are overly good at this game and im not that great. But its fun with friends. It has some fun game modes like going up 20 flights of stairs and killing everybody. I couldnt test this game very good because my xbox just died on me so im sorry. But i would really suggest this game as a rental and you should buy it if you really like it because its a very well thought out good game. Try it. And good luck with your xbox.

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