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Rise of the Soul

posted by robertcg12 (TACOMA, WA) Jul 30, 2008

Member since Jul 2005

21 out of 27 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

The newest installment to the Soul Calibur franchise has you once again looking to gain the power of the two legendary swords, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. The new story mode is short but will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours. Also there is the Tower of Lost Souls where you ascend twenty levels fighting tons of enemies and fighters from the Soul Calibur franchise, and then descending back for another experience. Utilizing the next generation console, it creates beautiful graphics that seem distract you on your first fight in the game. The fighting itself has not rapidly change except for making it feel like your not going to lose to your friend who keeps using the same technique over and over again. A new part of the game play has been added though which is Soul Crush which is that if you block to many heavy attacks you will become vulnerable to your opponent allowing them to automatically kill you with a critical finish attack. In addition to the fighters, two new guest characters have arrived to join the hunt for the swords, Darth Vader and The Apprentice from the Star Wars Galaxy. For those who have played Soul Calibur 3, the character creation has been brought back with tons of new items to customize your character. In terms of facing another person, Soul Calibur now lets you play people over PlayStation Network in a ranked/player normal/special versus match. Special versus mean that you can use any ability you equipped to your character using character creation to use to your advantage against other players. in the museum you can see Chain of Souls which shows you how each character each other thinks about one another, Art Gallery for drawn pictures and character models, Event Gallery for the endings you unlocked and Battle Records for Honors you have unlocked. I would recommend this game to any Soul Caliber fans and for those looking for a excellent weapons fighting game. May the Dark side of the force be with you.

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Must play.

posted by Coreeyyyy (SMITHFIELD, PA) Jul 30, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

After getting this game yesterday and playing it last night as my first SoulCalibur of the series, I loved it. If you love one on one fighting then this is the game. The graphics were excellent and I found nothing at all slightly wrong with them. The story mode is short but fun to play with every character as you try to beat it with every player. The Lost Tower of Souls is also one of my favorite modes to play as you battle through 20 Floors of fighting and then descend back down for new challenges. Customizing a character is also fun. -WARNING- If you've never played a one on one game like me and don't think you would like don't be surprised if you don't but if you really think you'd like it then you must play it. I give SoulCalibur 4 a 9 because it deserves it. Graphics are nice and smooth and game play keeps you interested. Go ahead and play it!

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Best Fighting Game for ps3

posted by TDBears (LITITZ, PA) Jan 19, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I have had this game for 6 months and still play it. The graphics and controls are tight. Yes the story mode is not very story heavy but the level of character customization is great. Who wants to spend 30 hours unlocking all the characters anyways? Also if you crank the story mode up to hard, you will lose some fights (unless you are really nasty, I lose rounds all the time on hard)

The voices are a bit cheesy but I am told that's how the series has always been. People who complain about it being a button masher probably aren't very good--there is a lot of depth and timing necessary to beat experienced players and some of the more challenging game modes (tower).

I play a lot of fighting games (Tekken, MK, etc) and this is my first SC game, and it's my favorite fighting game in the past decade. Darth Vader is cool, but there are a ton of fun characters (most of which play differently) and you can basically create an infinite number of your own. Go to youtube and search, some people get really into it and make just about anybody you can imagine.

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