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Soul Calibur III


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Gameplay Controls

Soul Calibur III
GamePlay: Command/Combo lists for each character are available from the pause menu.

Directional Buttons 8-Way Run. Roll Up (When Knocked Down).
X Button Guard. Stand Up (When Knocked Down).
Triangle Button Vertical Strike
Square Button Horizontal Strike
Circle Button Kick
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) 8-Way Run
Combo #1 X + Up-Left, Up, or Up-Right (Tap) = Jump.
Combo #2 Square + X or Triangle + X = Throw. Square or Triangle = Escape Throw.
Combo #3 Control Pad Right + X = High-Level or Mid-Level Parry
Combo #4 Control Pad Left + X = Mid-Level or Low-Level Parry
Combo #5 Directional Pad + X (While Being Thrown to Ground) = Quick Recovery