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Soul Calibur 2

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Very Good

Oh the humanity!! (or lack thereof)

posted by morgan72 (STRATFORD, CT) Nov 20, 2006

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I am usually no fan of the mindless "fighting" genre of video games. Oooh ahhh, someone's heart getting pulled out after getting carpal tunnel entering some logarithm into the controller you'd need 16 fingers to master, I feel so alive now. 99% of them are just junk, or they can't accept what they are and try to go too far or get too complicated and screw it up even more than just leaving it be. Soul Caliber II is that 1% that got it right. I am not saying you're going to get a story worth following out of it, or some life lesson, but you're going to invest some time in the characters and have a blast in the process. Gorgeous scenery/background, mind boggling fluidity, well balanced characters, and a nice progressive format makes about as good a fighting game as is out there today. You'll discover some cool moves that you can do without finger dislocation and a deal with the devil too. You'll find yourself perfecting techniques with your fighter, then just leaving them by the side of the road as you select another to see what they can do, which is usually 5 seconds after that character whooped your butt with some sweet move you never saw coming. As with all the games of the genre, its pretty mindless, but its captivating, its exciting, and hey, its a boat load of fun. Go take a bad day out on the controller for a change and leave the cat alone. SC2 is a cure for what ails ya.

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A good game worthy of the Soul Caliber name.

posted by BIOShazard (JANESVILLE, WI) Aug 11, 2006

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This game could make Yoda say "A good game, this one is." The great modes of game play, awesome storyline, and entertaining extra missions, makes you want to play this almost flawless game over and over. But sometimes you want to listen to music instead of hearing Taki scream in a dungeon, or listen to Nightmare say "Souls, come unto me!" While collecting weapons and defeating endless enemies, it does give a good vibe, but there are bad points to it as well. Going through dungeons, not knowing where the boss is going to be. Wanting to play through the game again, without having to press a button to get to the normal mission screen, you'll have to make a pit stop to the hardrive/memory processor to delete your file. It may be sad to leave the memories of your old game behind, but maybe you'll do even better then last time, getting to every stage, extra chapters and all. this is why I give this game 9, getting annoyed by the soundtrack, the sexy characters, the problem with wanting to play a new game. But it is still a must have for any Xbox/PS2/Gamecube collection.

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Above Average

this game is good for a little while

posted by snakeeyes (ANTHONY, FL) Jul 19, 2006

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this game needed more people to play the only good people were necrid and spawn.also it gets tiring after like ten minutes its more of a waste of time then a game i mean even hard mode was easy.and the extra games like survival mode and stuff was pointless.the game would have been better if it was online enabled but it still wouldnt be any more than above average.

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