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Soul Calibur 2

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Martial art demonstration mode

In weapon master mode, complete the southern-most mission of chapter 3. When complete, a road will form to the south, into a "subchapter." The shop in this area sells all of the character weapon demonstrations.


Select arcade mode. After you choose your character; push A or B while the stage loads to hear your character taunt the second player.

Slow motion replay with camera control

Press R1 during a replay and control the camera by pressing the Left Analog-stick.

How to regain your health

When you are in a dungeon and do not regain full health back after a battle, just go to the first square in it and fight there. You will start at full health again.

Soul Edge Complete weapons

To buy soul edge complete weapons, for any weapon master mode player, complete both the regular and extra missions at the Ancient Amphitheater in chapter 9. This unlocks the path to Northern Algol. Complete both missions there. The road to extra chapter 1 is unlocked after that. If you shop at this area, you will have everyone's Soul Edge (Complete) weapons to choose from. REMEMBER: This was done after completing every previous regular missions and all extra missions up to this chapter in weapon master mode. Number Character or title Type 1 Sophitia Selectable 2 Seung Mina Selectable 3 Yoshimitsu Selectable 4 Charade Selectable 5 Cervantes Selectable 6 Lizardman Selectable 7 Assassin Selectable 8 Berserker Selectable 9 Rapheal Character profile 10 Rapheal Weapons demonstration 11 Rapheal New costume 12 Talim Character profile 13 Talim Weapons demonstration 14 Talim New costume 15 Yunsung Character profile 16 Yunsung Weapons demonstration 17 Cassandra Character profile 18 Cassandra Character profile 19 Cassandra Weapons demonstration 20 Mitsurugi Character profile 21 Mitsurugi Weapons demonstration 22 Mitsurugi New costume 23 Taki Character profile 24 Taki Weapons demonstration 25 Taki New costume 26 Voldo Character profile 27 Voldo Weapons demonstration 28 Voldo New costume 29 Nightmare Character profile 30 Nightmare Weapons demonstration 31 Nightmare New costume 32 Astaroth Character profile 33 Astaroth Weapons demonstration 34 Astaroth New costume 35 Ivy Character profile 36 Ivy Weapons demonstration 37 Ivy New costume 38 Kilik Character profile 39 Kilik Weapons demonstration 40 Xianghua Character profile 41 Xianghua Weapons demonstration 42 Xianghua New costume 43 Maxi Character profile 44 Maxi Weapons demonstration 45 Necrid Character profile 46 Necrid Weapons demonstration 47 Spawn Character profile 48 Spawn Weapons demonstration 49 Sophitia Character profile 50 Sophitia Weapons demonstration 51 Sophitia New costume