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Soul Calibur 2

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Also on:PS2, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Alternate costume:

Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen and push Guard.

  • Guard
    Alternate costume

Select arcade mode. After you choose your character; push A or B while the stage loads to hear your character taunt the second player.

  • A or B
Slow motion replay with camera control:

Press R during a replay and control the camera by pressing the Left Analog-stick.

  • R, Left Analog-stick
    Slow motion replay with camera control
Alternate stages:

Some of the stages that can be unlocked in weapon master mode have alternates. To choose an alternate, highlight the desired stage and press Right or Left. Not all stages have alternates, and some have more than one.

  • Right or Left
    Alternate stages
Character statements:

In the versus screen, enter code

  • A, B, Y, X, L, R, Z, C-stick
    Character statements
Voice actor names:

After unlocking a character's profile in arcade or extra arcade, enter the characters' profile. When you are at his/her profile, select "Voice". Once in this new menu, push the L. A small box just above the menu will appear for a few seconds, giving the name of the actor/actress who played the voice of the character.

  • L
    Voice actor names