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Finally a Reason to Use the Move

posted by pswilliams986 (ROCKY POINT, NC) Aug 6, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

I felt like I wasted $100 on my Playstation Move until I played this. In the two years I've had it this is only the second game I've played with motion controls on the Playstation and the first was Sports Champions that came bundled with the Move. I'm not going to say that this game justified my purchase, because one 6 hour title should not sell hardware. The only disappointment I had with this game is that the game was too short and there was nothing to do afterwards. The gameplay is fun, the characters are semi-memorable and the visuals make this game have it's own personality. It's a shame this game sold so poorly because I would have liked to see a sequel with more replay value. It's not going to win any game of the year awards, but it's going on my list of underrated games alongside Rayman Origins, Shadows of the Damned and Vanquish.

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Very Good

Magical Fun!

posted by iLuvEzio (MUKILTEO, WA) Aug 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I got this game for my daughter . . . but we were all captivated. The graphics are really good. This game is much better than Deadmund's quest since the main character gets to move around freely to fight and explore his surroundings. It also had an engaging story mode. However, switching between spells could be difficult at some times. Overall it's a really fun game and recommended for the "move"!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Best Move Title to Date....

posted by prneal77 (SPANAWAY, WA) Jun 30, 2012

Member since Nov 2009

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This is what the Move was meant for. The gameplay was great and it was fun. There are a lot of aspects of this game that should be encouraging to those fof us who bought into Move.

While it definitely is not perfect the game's mechanics are pretty solid. Using the move to cast spells worked very well most of the time. While there is a small learning curve to, for instance curving your bolts and casting alternate spells you do not have to even use these to progress in the game. They are just added abilities that once mastered lend to the fun. After playing for an hour or so you pretty much figure out how to hit what it is you are aiming at and I rarely had to recalibrate to stay accurate.

The spells themselves are powerful enough and while there certainly could have been more spells over all the nine or ten spell types are enough for the short length of the game. There are 5 elemental groups aside from the default arcane magic: earth, wind, fire, ice and lightning. Four of those have a main cast and an alternate cast. Earth being the lone spell with only one cast type. The fun (and at times frustrating) part is mixing them on the fly to create powerful combinations to deal lots of damage to multiple enemies. Casting a flaming tornado then shooting acrane bolts into it to send fire balls all over the place is really cool.

There are other things to do beside casting magic but they are also not required to progress and beat the game though they help as alchemy is used to upgrade your spells and comes in the form of a mini game where you use the Move controller to mix them in a cauldron. Pouring, shaking and stirring are all accomplished using gestures with the Move controller. You even have to shake the bottle and tilt it to drink. It all gives you things to do with the controller and are suprisingly fun. Though fun it is limited.

With a decent story and a great use of the Move this game is not to be missed by Move owners.

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