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One game I wish wasn't made

posted by rjasinski7 (PARKVILLE, MD) Apr 30, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Sonic has had a pitiful career with 3D games until Sonic Colors came along. If I had to pick a spotlight in that, it would be this game. I honestly don't see how people een try to defend this game. So let's make a summary on the important aspects of this game.

I'm starting off with music because it's one of the only good things to come out of the game. The themes for each of the characters are all great, especially Sonic's, and the stage songs are awesome. It's definitely one of the best soundtracks in the series, I wouldn't say the complete best though, since some tracks like aquatic base and tropical jungle are songs I'm fond of.

This is definitely the WORST Sonic story I've ever seen. It's known for just being way too confusing. I swear that whoever wrote this was really lazy. They have Sonic saving a princess throughout his entire story, and the she gets captured about 4 or 5 times, and besides him being teleported to the future, it's ALL he does. And in Silver's story all he does is trying to kill Sonic. The only story with some actual diversity is Shadow's. The story is filled with confusing plot holes. The game decides to use time travel as an element, which was a mistake, and causes too many plot holes especially in Silver's story.

For an early PS3 and 360 game this game looks pretty nice, the levels are colorful and and its not too glary. The presentation is pretty poor though.

I'm not going to fill you in with each gameplay style since there's so many, but overall the gameplay seems slow, especially for a Sonic game. The only characters you'll get speed from are Sonic and Blaze. Although the level design isn't as linear as past games which is good. But the overflow of different gamestyes is just too much. Shadow The Hedgehog and Heroes only have one gameplay style and both are better than this.

Overall I would just stay away from this game.

Another comment would be that I HATE the voice acting and di

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MUCH better than I expected!

posted by blockykid (LUTZ, FL) Dec 27, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Very fun, Sonic Adventure style gameplay.

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Worst Sonic Game Ever

posted by Inotak (BRISTOL, VA) Dec 6, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

I'm giving this a four only because I am a great fan of the Sonic games. This game had some gameplay remnants of Sonic Adventure 2, but did not work out in its favor. The cutscenes were splendid and well done, the game itself was worse. Story isn't that bad for a Sonic game. I will admit that I died many times to things that didn't make much sense. Combat was the same as every other Sonic game, which is completely fine. The whole town thing was unneeded, it never really worked out in Sonic Adventure. And, I hate to say this, most of their voices were incredibly annoying... When I saw the trailer for this I had high hopes it would be good, I was wrong. It breaks me down to see a Sonic game that sucks.

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