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Not bad but could have been better

posted by DingoEnder (CLEVELAND, OH) Dec 22, 2006

Member since May 2005

With all the people expecting too much and then nitpicking about little details or minor problems,it's no wonder why people were harsh on this game.

While the game certainly didn't live up to most of our expectations it was still an okay game, it just had too many problems and changes but they were nothing you couldn't get past if you're a patient and forgiving person.

The game is basically like the Sonic adventure games so I won't have to explain about the controls and(still awkward and clunky) camera so I'm going to get straight to the point:Can the game be fun?

Sonic still remains pretty much the same as he was in the Sonic adventure games with the exception of a few new moves they added for this game, however his speed was downsized in the regular action stage so they could showcase the mach-speed sections of his stages. Most would be disappointed with this decision however sometimes changes have to be made, though I feel they didn't have to downsize his speed. I found playing Sonic's game to be the most enjoyable.

Silver is a welcome addition to the characters with his unique abilities, while he is the slower one of the trio he's still pretty fun to play with.

Shadow is like Sonic only without the speed and the guns. He's the less fun of the trio.

The main problem I had with this were the annoying loading screens that popped out way too often than they should. This is the 360 we shouldn't be getting this much loading screens.

Also the super sonic stage was disappointing.

I feel that if you're the type who doesn't nitpick a game for things that could easily be overlooked like bad camera angles,glitches and somewhat downsized game play then I think this game can be enjoyed. Again it all just depends on how forgiving a person you are, however because of how downsized it is this is a rental first, buy later if you like it kind of game.

This game definitely could have been alot better, Sega just has to learn from this and do better next time.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Pretty good but.......

posted by silentsoup (NORTON SHORES, MI) Dec 7, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

This game is a good one and defenently less clunky then the other 3D sonics, and arguably the best 3D sonic so far, but it still has a bunch of glitches and is pretty much just a mix between sonic adventure 1&2. but overall its a good game but im kinda mad that the game makers said they would make it like the classics on the G4 covrage on e3 this year. but still this game isnt bad but if you didnt like the sonic adventure game i dont think that you will like this one.

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First sonic I've played

posted by expyeb (GARDENA, CA) Nov 28, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

I really wanted to play thru this game, its a cute platform. But they didn't include the option to invert controls. Us lefties must be in the minority. Heres an informal 3 laws for developers. 1. option to invert 2. option to turn off music (or down) 3. dual camera control (no fixed camera). Sonic doesn't have a fixed camera.

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