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Unique Gameplay

posted by IMMitnick (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Feb 13, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

Graphics are Excellent, good use of the 360's hardware to really distiguish this from previous titles. If you don't agree than buy a new TV, its obvious. Learning curve as with all Sonic Games is low. The challenge is not learning the controls its limiting your mistakes.

Pros: Great Graphics, Good CGI clips, easy gameplay. RPG-like movement is a really nice diversion from the previous almost strictly rail-based environment of the Dreamcast and GC titles.

Cons: The loading times are annoyingly long at times. The storyline is cheesy, but I have seen much worse. This is not a huge drawback, since I don't play Sonic games for the storyline. The radar is nice, but a map that you could zoom out and view would have been better. It can be easy to miss things in town especially when your running quickly.

Afterthought: Did anyone else wonder what Sonic and the Princess' kids might look like?

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GF Rating

Above Average

weeelllll...he's not the guy i remember...

posted by selfshethr (EL CAJON, CA) Jan 29, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

i'm not to sure i like the rpg-ish-like feel of the new sonic games...but it seems as though this is the direction in which they are taking this character....i believe the fun of sonic is his amazing speed, and with this set up, that is lost. there are some parts of levels where you have to move him quickly, but the sonic of genesis is gone. i wish sega had the same ability to adapt their most famous character the way nintendo does with mario....if you are into games like kingdom hearts (i don't think of kh as rpg, like i think of final fantasy as rpg...even though i know it is) or easy action games, you would enjoy this game. it's worth the rent...but does not deserve the top of your "q".

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GF Rating

Above Average

good for playing its a child

posted by stickman (SANTA ROSA, CA) Jan 27, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

sonic is a game that is easy on some a lot of parts but its realy hard on the hard parts so if you like hard games you shouldn't get this since there is only 3 realy hard parts in this game. so i would say rent it

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