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MUCH better than I expected!

posted by blockykid (LUTZ, FL) Dec 27, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Very fun, Sonic Adventure style gameplay.

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Not as bad 17 year old opinion on the game:

posted by SamandDean (MANNING, SC) Nov 16, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

This game actually deserves more credit than it receives from most of society. This game does have problems, yes that is true. However, I am able to overlook the horrific load times because I'm very patient. The story line does have some plot holes and for some it can be confusing.
For me it wasn't confusing and I actually liked it. The glitches in the game are EASILY AVOIDABLE. For example in the first level if you go to the right side of the speed pads during the mach speed section then you will not hit the pads at the end and when i realized that you just have to stick to the left, it was no longer an issue. Secondly, the glitch where you fall to your death when running along the walls in the volcano level. That is actually caused by touching the ceiling, which can be avoided. I'm not going to bother mentioning glitches that don't ruin the experience. They aren't that bad and there is a way around every glitch, except rouges and knuckles that I can admit. You can barely get off the walls, but since i never stuck to them for too long it never bothered me. Alright, I like how silver plays and i don't hate that he is slow. The only stage i don't like is dusty desert with the billiard puzzle at the end. Shadow is great to play as because I only had one issue that kept making me die on the hovercraft, but i figured out that it was actually towers falling on me in kingdom valley, which can be avoided. Sonic's levels are great as well and i love the mach speed sections, they just take some getting used to. The extra characters a.k.a. "amigos" aren't as good, but they're ok. Amy is the worst one. Omega is good, kind of awkward to play as, but good. Rouge and Knuckles would be great if it wasn't for there wall glitch. Blaze is the best one and tails is fine for me. Overall, I think this game deserves more credit than it gets. Despite load times, pointless, and boring side missions I think this game is great. Not the best Sonic game, but great from my experience. 7.5/1

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15 Out of 10

posted by YoshiFanUltra (MARYSVILLE, WA) Aug 5, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

I was very scared when I first got this game because tons of people say it was bad.

I gotta admit. Sonic knows how to celebrate special anniversaries. This is by far my favorite game in the Sonic series.

The most obvious things that are great about this game are the music, graphics, and the story (which I think is the best story in the sonic series. I haven't seen plots this epic for a long time.)

Many people say that the camera and controls were the worst part of the game. The camera can often lead to death, and the controls in the Mach-Speed-Zones aren't perfect, but the controls were almost perfect.

Many people say that other than the 4 MSZ's, everyone was pretty slow. So what? This is another one of those adventure games that doesn't need to be fast.

One of the most hated problems is the loading times. From my experience, they appear to take 7-12 seconds, maybe 15 max. I honestly didn't care.

There are SO many glitches in the games. Some glitches include getting outside the boss battle boundaries, making a box fly, and being able to move around after touching the goal ring (I honestly don't get that one.)

The gameplay can be hard at first, but as you progress, it gets a LOT easier. Especially when you buy upgrades. from the shops.

Playing as Silver required skill, playing as Shadow didn't feel the same, playing as Sonic was SO MUCH FUN!

This is without a doubt my favorite Sonic game yet. Everything in the game comes together so well, and discovering the glitches and stuff like that is loads of fun.
This is game that any and all gamers at least need to try.

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