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GF Rating

Very Good

Not as bad of a train wreck as reviewers claim.

posted by Haruhiko (GENEVA, FL) Apr 6, 2007

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This is a shortened version of my full review.


Graphics: 8.6/10

Wonderful, very good for a GBA. Very pleasing to the eyes. Despite what others have said, Sonic character sprite does NOT take up half the screen, or even a quarter of it. I have, however, put this game into a GameBoy Player, and when you do that, it appears to shrink the playing field and triple Sonic's size, something I have never seen a GameBoy Player do. Sonic looks like he did in the Genesis days, with maybe a couple different frames here and there. I espicially liked the menu screen. It looked very sleek and it was a nice presentation. Everything is as it should be. Well... not really. Continue reading.

Sound: 6.8/10

They redid the sound. Every lick of it. The BGM has changed, and the sound effects, although not terrible, are far from great. Also, the sound seems to be slightly muffled at times and dosen't sound like it should, but again, this is a very minor issue. In the sound department, its alright. But, for the real problem of the game, read downward.

Gameplay: 7.2/10

As I mentioned in the two previous sections, there are some problems. You may be thinking 'What the heck?' and I personally thought I would hate this game as well. But I didn't. Everything, and I mean everything gameplay-wise is retained. You still have the special stages, the same levels, complete with every secret. But most people's main gripe about the game is the slowdown. And they are right in a way. It IS the worst aspect of the games faults, but its far from unplayable. It does slow down severly in some places (such as boss fights), but in places you think the game would go to a screeching hault, it dosen't do so. (the special stage actually moves BETTER than the original) It can hinder your game, but its not terribly horendous. Glitches, from what I've played, are few and far between. So please, if any of that is holding you back from buying it, I would still say go for it.

Overall: 7.9/10

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by Lucky4me (BRONX, NY) Mar 10, 2007

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This game kept my younger son very active and into the game. My older children did not really like this game. I felt that Sonic was ok.

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posted by AtomicPuncture (FERNDALE, WA) Jul 16, 2013

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This game perfectly embodies what the original game was all about, from the horrid lag added to this version, to the splendid GBA screen problems in this version, it all PERFECTLY embodies this MASTERPIECE of gaming!

Just don't actually buy it.

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