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Really Bad

Memory Lane's worst nightmare

posted by rogenjemi (PLAINVILLE, CT) Mar 20, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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So it's Sonic the Hedgehog's 15th anniversary (congradulations, BTW), so it would seem to any casual observer that a reprint/update would be in order, no?
There's just one catch: you have to get it right. It took about 40 seconds after turning the power on to realize that this simple endevor had failed miserably. Playing this game on the venerable GBA system feels like playing a bad PC emulator file of the storied classic. The enemies were slowed, the classic BGM tracks and SEs were marred on almost all occasions, and several hit detection markers were WAY OFF (In the hisoric first clash with Eggman(then called Dr. Robotnik) I was able to take him down in 9 seconds because I was able to hit him from the ground! Platforms needed not apply!)
As for the Anniversary Edition, sorry, no graphics, sound, or gameplay update for you. You get to play the exact same tarnished title with only one key difference: you can spin dash(move introduced historicly in Sonic 2). Here's the kick: the game was so well designed back then that spin dashing was not required!
The only actual improvement, and the sole reason this game was saved from the stigma of a 1 rating was the added save feature. Mom just tell you to turn off that #$%& Game Boy or your grounded? Go ahead, shut her down: game save will allow you to restart from the begining of that world's zone.
In Conclusion, this game was a waste of space on my Q, and the turn around for my next game in my Q would have been brutal had it not been for Gamefly's shiny new "Fast Return" feature. But, just to give you an idea, from the time I opened the envelope to the time I had it back in the nearest mailbox was about 12 minutes (new record, replacing Sigma Star Saga's record of 7 hours). I can only hope this review can spare my fellow gamers the loss of lifespan this disappointment inflicted upon me.

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this game sucks horribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by luigiman (Big Rock, IL) Jun 10, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

uhg..what was sega thinking. Spring Yard Zones remix is horrible,thers only one sound efect.come on this was like 10 years after the great game on the genissis,sega couldve mad this game great,but no they screwed up.this is what literly killed sonic.

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Sonic the HedgeHog Genesis

posted by RyanBevins (LAKE ELSINORE, CA) Mar 6, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

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It is the worst game ever. I would not buy it if I were you!

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