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Fun Game but...............

posted by cheguiboy1 (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Aug 12, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

This game is good and the party mode is the best part but some of the missions are very difficult with the fire and I don't care how bad people treat this game, it's still a fun game

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Sonic 06 > Sonic and the Secret Rings

posted by Icy3 (MILLSBORO, DE) Jun 23, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Ok, before I rant about this game I will say that the art direction is good, and the graphics are stunning.

Now to talk about everything else! The story is bland, the main villain looks like he was stolen from dragon ball z, but the real reason I hate this game is the controls. In this game, sonic never stops running, and they made sonic games that did this right (Unleashed, Generations). But these levels are designed like 3D platformers that require you to stop and turn the camera at points. You move sonic by tilting the wii remote left and right, pressing 2 to jump, 1 to brake, shaking the wii remote for a homing attack, and tilting the wii remote back and pressing 2 to go in reverse. These types of controls should only be used for vehicle segments and boss fights, NOT FOR AN ENTIRE STAGE. It's a chore to go backwards or go through a 2D section, and it seems like they don't even respond half of the time. This game sucks, and I hope black knight is better.

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Didn't like it

posted by Offspringchick4 (PORTLAND, ME) Jan 12, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I really hated this game... I love Sonic but this game was just terrible. Sonic is constantly running and you can't stop to get items or explore your surrounding. If you had the option to walk as well as run, this game would be much better. I sold my copy bull moose.

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