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GF Rating


Not as exciting as i hoped

posted by Paradise23 (OXNARD, CA) Mar 6, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

I wasn't expecting this from a Sonic game. I expected a bit more thrill but i just didn't care to come back for more. The control mechanics or i guess the game play i don't know which, they were pretty annoying at times. If i wasn't paying attention to what was happening on screen i would probably fall off and have to start over. The Music is so annoying!! The menus are boring and there are challenges all over the place i don't know which one to do. The story isn't even animated and frankly doesn't even seem to make any impact with the game at all. What is the story even doing there?? The game has it's fun points but i found no interesting in keeping this game very long so i'm glad i rented it. Kids might like it. I just simply don't care for this game... very forgetable. Note: I didn't play this game past the second world so my rating is mainly a first impression so i don't know if it gets better i just know it didn't grab me enough for me to want to find out.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by shawnclap (STONY BROOK, NY) Mar 5, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Wow. No wonder Sega went out of business. This is quite possible the worst game I've played in some time. Clearly, the Sonic team didn't quite grasp the whole "Wii remote" thing. They make you use the 1 & 2 buttons instead of the A & B. Very awkward. And the cheesy 1990s pop-punk song is still giving me a headache.

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GF Rating


Good, not great.

posted by Strongbad1 (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) Mar 2, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

This game feels pretty shallow. Although it's fun for a while, there aren't many levels at all. Instead, you do each level over and over with different objectives. That gets very annoying.
The graphics are decent, but the voice acting is absolutely terrible. I'd rent before you buy.
Graphics 8
controls 8
Sound 6

Overall 7

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