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Above Average

Robotic Gameplay

posted by OssoBuco (ESCONDIDO, CA) Feb 28, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Welp, unlike most of the other reviewers over here that give this title an "AWESOME" score; I'm going to refrain from doing so for the following reasons that I'll list here. I find that this is generally a good game. Sonic isn't back to form in this specific Sonic title, but it's close enough from what people have been looking for in a Sonic game. It's fast, fierce, and memorizing. This title is probably the closest kind of Sonic we've been looking for in this decade.

However, playing this gives me the confusing feeling of disappointment. Yeah, it's fast alright; but I can't shake off the feeling that I'm just playing a game meant for robots. The levels (it really plays like a "track") the game offers doesn't open itself up for creative game play. It's almost impossible to roam around the levels and backtrack yourself when your running forward because the game forces you to run forward. You can move backward, but it's difficult to do so sometime. These "tracks" also become frustrating when I'm trying to traverse the objects that obstruct Sonic's path because most of the objects are placed too close together, and Sonic wouldn't move fast enough for me to get out of the way. I end up with a feeling that most of the tracks are poorly designed (it'll really peen you off when your doing time attacks). The game play will also take a back seat to the game's story sometimes and you'll also be forced to go back levels you've already completed.

Then there's the horrible music. All of the music on this title has lyrics. It might not bug some people, but I really get annoyed listening to this fecal matter. "Why not turn it off," you ask? Well, I would, if there were a way to turn it off. SFX and Music volume is totally omitted in the options menu for the game.

tl;dr: This will be the "fast" Sonic people have been looking for in a while. But an unpolished feeling may displease some Sonic fans. Definitely worth the rental, might not be worth my hard earned cash for a purchase

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GF Rating


This Game is Awesome!

posted by Shadow275 (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 22, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

15 out of 23 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

This game is really awesome!
The graphics are great, gameplay is good too.
Controls may be hard, but you'll get the use of it.
I like the way that when you get hit, you don't lose all your rings, thats a good thing :).

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Another Sonic letdown

posted by DarthWinst (MONROE, MI) Mar 3, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

8 out of 12 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Many gaming websites gave this game a really good review, and the forum for the game was buzzing with positive reactions.

I hated this game.

First you get to see the first of many many "cut scenes", which are nothing more than unimpressive still drawings with voice acting over them. They are pretty long, and since you're just sitting there listening to some characters talk and looking at drawings, they... stink.

To start the game, you must first begin with a number of training missions, and each one (though short) teaches you one move. Now, it is important to have this type of thing for a game with all new controls, but they could have easily had one longer training mission that incorporated all the moves instead of the five or six that got to be extremely tedious and boring after about the second one. Also, the one that taught attacks really started to annoy because the attack method is so unresponsive... and if you miss an enemy, just one, you have to start over. You're being penalized because the controls stink.

FINALLY, you get to start the game... which is quite boring. The graphics are pretty good, but nothing revolutionary and don't even come close to making up for the lack of game play. You basically run forward through linear levels, jumping over obstacles and attacking baddies. The turning (basically moving from side to side, not really turning) doesn't control too bad, but the attacks (which are done by thrusting the remote forward) are extremely unresponsive and only seem to work about half the time. Apparently you can upgrade the controls by reaching new levels..... yeah, you have to earn good, responsive controls. Also, this game has a GOD AWFUL cheesy "metal" soundtrack that sounds so bad it reminded me of the kinds of things "DVDA" (Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "band") do in South Park... only it's meant to be taken seriously. I loved the early Sonics on Genesis, but like the past few years of Sonic, this falls flat.

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