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posted by Bryce1442 (BELLEVILLE, IL) Mar 5, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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In past years Sonic has sunk we know this. I usually hate reviews that compare sequels to earlier games, but I just have to now. It's important.
Let's take it back to old school Sonic. Forward. Forward. Forward. All we ever had to do was go forward and enjoy the ride. There was no reason to go back and explore further. But once Sonic entered his 3D days on the GCN there was WAY to much to explore. We were often so consumed with what we missed that we forgot what had seemed so natural to us before: going forward.
With Secret Rings we always go forward. And it just melts. Good melting, none the last. It's a constant ride. All the time. Graphics are AWESOME (especially for non-HD). The game also has kickin' music playing at most time (although there are limited songs). I was especially impressed by the battle system. Just fling the 'Wiimote' forward (something I have hated in other Wii games just works here) makes the flow of the game all the smoother. Enemies are well-placed. The environments are amazingly designed. The camera has also greatly improved. It may be spastic at times but it has yet to interfere with the game or kill me. The story is also amazing. It is so different. Heroes and villains change positions in the Sonic universe, which gives it a unique spin. Even after you clear a world levels upon levels are given to to you to continue playing with. You can also customize and equip one of four rings which gives you special abilities through leveling up. I did have one issue with the game. It seems that the tutorial (a lot of which is required for play to advance in the story) was designed by some of Sega's interns, or, possibly, drunken circus performers.
I have mostly good things to say about Sonic's latest venture but I just can't get past the INSANELY bad tutorial, otherwise 9 thumbs up to the blue
That was a joke.

For Buyers- 9.0
For Renters- 7.0 (There's just way to much to do. You should buy.)

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This Game is Awesome!

posted by Shadow275 (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 22, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

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This game is really awesome!
The graphics are great, gameplay is good too.
Controls may be hard, but you'll get the use of it.
I like the way that when you get hit, you don't lose all your rings, thats a good thing :).

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