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This game is pretty iffy

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Mar 9, 2007

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I was torn over this game. At first, I felt that this game was just horrible, and that if this is the best Sonic 3-D Sonic game, Sonic has went way down hill. I managed to finsih the game and I'll explain my finals thoughts.

The controls in this game are hit or miss. Using the controls to home in, jump at a target, and steer work fine, but trying to slow down, and back up are just a pain in the rear. If Sonic didn't constantly run, this game would have been a little better.

The visuals in this game are pretty good. A large environment that looks great, but you cannot explore it. In this sense, its back to sonic's linear path roots. I don't like to mention voice acting in my reviews because I know that a game isn't going to be as good as say, a cartoon show, movies or whatver, but in this instance it becomes VERY annoying. If you happen to fall of an edge, hit an enemy without rings, you will restart the level instantly and hear the same speeches that you heard the first time around. It gets on your nerves very quickly.

Once you get the hang of it, this game can be pretty decent. It's super fast paced, and once you can handle it, there is plenty to do even after you beat it. I'd argue that mini-games are nothing special in this game, but the yare there for those who want to play with friends.

Overall, its worth a rent. It's a decent game after you master the controls, and the new, constant running gameplay.

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The game rocks!

posted by yumisan (FUQUAY VARINA, NC) Apr 10, 2010

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When you play the game you can play with the wii remote and you can only play as sonic in the game. there is another game callrd sonic and the black knight where you can play as sonic knuckles and blaze when you unlock them during story mode.

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Very Good

Secret Rings Saves Sonic Franchise

posted by DaKhDude (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 7, 2007

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Many people will tell you that this game could've been much better, and I'd have to agree with them. But what they don't say is how much fun you can have with this title. This review maps out what you can expect from the game.


Alright, Sonic's never been known for it's great story lines, and this one is no exception. This game departure from the Sonic formula - Dr. Eggman tries to take over the world but Sonic foils his plans. Instead, this game takes Sonic into the tales of the Arabian Nights. The Story is OK at the most, and other than Sonic, only 3 familiar characters of the series make cameos (Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman).


Speed. That is what the Sonic Franchise has always been about. But recently, it hasn't been a focus. This game rectifies that and makes it the core of the game. You control Sonic left and right with the WiiMote as he runs through levels. This will take some getting used to, as Sonic is always running and can only be stopped by pressing the 1 button. You can also jump with the 2 button, (holding down this button allows Sonic to jump higher) and do a homing attack by thrusting the WiiMote forward while in a jump. And after you've progressed far enough into the game you will be able to get two power up's - The TiMe Break (which slows everything down) and the Speed Break (which speeds Sonic up). That pretty much sums up the mechanics, but luckily for this game it doesn't get old or repetitive.

To progress in the game the player must fulfill certain objectives in each stage. Some of these for example are; Collect 99 rings, Don't be Defeated, and Defeat 20 enemies. Each objective varies in difficulty and sometime make the game very frustrating due to having to HAVE to fulfill the objective before continuing any further. But most levels are creative and fun to play over again.

Good game that brings back the speed in Sonic. It shows promise and definitely needs a sequel.

8/10 for me.

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