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way too easy

posted by pronex (GREENVILLE, SC) May 27, 2009

Member since May 2009

this game was a good game until........ 8 hours later i beat it. Now i know it should take longer than that. This game is one of the better sonic games as far as game play so if you like the sonic series than get this game.... just keep in mind that it won't take long to beat.

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Good Sonic Game

posted by Junbug8 (HOLLAND, MI) May 23, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

I played all the three new sonic games. Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood, and I just played this one. I like it to me seems better than Sonic Unleashed. The thing that they could have done better was the battle mode It was kinda boring and not much else I can say bad about it except it gets kinda frustrating at times. So I suggest this game to most Sonic Fans and the other good thing about this game is no Werehog. Sorry Sonic Unleashed.

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Sonic The Hedgehog Wielding a Sword?

posted by vg2007 (SUGAR LAND, TX) May 18, 2009

Member since Jun 2006

Sonic and the Black Knight is the sequel to Sonic and the Secret Rings and the second Sonic game to come out for its storybook series.
Sonic and the Black Knight is indeed a slight improvement from the Secret Rings. However, Sonic wielding sword is not really the best idea Sega has thought of besides making a Sonic a Werehog in Sonic Unleashed.

The gameplay involves using the analog stick on the Nunchuk to control Sonic around numerous environments that really do give off the medieval vibe and waggling the Wiimote in order for him to swing his sword.
In all retrospective, the gameplay is much better than the Secret Rings and leans more towards Sonic Unleashed. The only problem is the sword mechanics. Waggling is never a good thing in Sonic games.

Not only that, but Sonic (for the first time) loses his Homing Skill. The Homing Skill is somewhat replaced by a technique called, Soul Surge. Soul Surge allows the player to temporarily target numerous enemies for a one-hit K.O. through a cinematic visual style. It looks identical to Sonic's Homing Skill but not quite perfect.

The story itself, however, is more interesting than Secret Rings but not better.
Sonic is once again swept into another storybook world, and this time it's based off of King Arthur himself. Sonic is warped into King Arthur's kingdom by a young wizard named Merlina. Merlina explains to Sonic the situation of King Arthur who one day became possessed by an evil scabbard of Deathcalibur, making him immortal. Merlina tells Sonic that only he possesses the skills of a true knight, and it was her magic that chosen him to find the sacred sword, Excalibur, to combat King Arthur. Of course, like in Secret Rings, Sonic will encounter familar faces from the Sonic series, mainly the Knights of the Round Table who serve King Arthur.

Visual: 9
Gameplay: 5
Audio: 8
Story: 8.5

Sonic and the Black Knight is a good game but possibly not good enough for most of the Sonic fans out there

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